Thursday, September 3, 2009

Meet Arthur

Arthur, my Siamese twin
Okay, you are wondering at this point if I am doing crack or something. I just wanted to introduce you to my companion, Arthur. I know this sounds psycho, but stay with me. It makes sense to me.
I do not want to be a whiny girl, but you need to know that I have 3 kinds of arthritis and lately it has gotten painful a lot of the time. Living with chronic pain gets extremely frustrating. I can't take pain medicine very much because I need to be able to be think clearly with my job and I drive a lot so it just wouldn't work. I understand when people need to take it on a regular basis and I am not judging them. Pain gets very old and I needed a new way to think about it so for now it helps me to put a face to the arthritis.
I read comments on chronic pain sites and some folks accept the situation and others fight it. For me fighting it is out of the question. I don't have the energy to fight this everyday and I am from the school that everything is for a reason. I have decided for now that I will just accept Arthur and think of him as something that is with me, but he is not going to control my life. I try to do things to keep him as quiet as possible and under control.
I try to rest as much as I can (I haven't always, but as things have gotten worse I realize it's super important) I started using a cane for support. I ride in the little motorized chairs in Target and the grocery stores. I had to set aside pride and realize that it is what it is. I try to relax more because stress does a number on Arthur. It really agitates him.
You may wonder why he is so ugly and hard to look at. Why didn't I make him some handsome dude like Hugh Laurie or someone like that? Well, hello, Arthur has shaken up my world and thinking of him as a hunk doesn't make sense to me. He's not going anywhere unless I get a miracle. I can do my best to control him, but he will be right there with me. Thank the Lord for anti-inflammatory medicines and heating pads and things that I heat in the microwave and wrap around my neck. Heat is soothing, especially on my neck and knees.
I pray this doesn't sound too self-absorbed, but this has helped me to get this condition in perspective. I have to tell myself the Serenity Prayer and realize that the Lord will never leave me nor forsake me. He won't give me anything that I cannot endure. He said He would always give us a way of escape. The Psalms have grown so precious to me. David seemed to question things and you know what...I think it's okay. I have heard people say we are not to question God. I disagree. On the cross Jesus questioned His father. He thought he had been forsaken.
I am a pilgrim and someday when I travel to my home I won't be having any pain. I have the Blessed Hope and I pray you do too.


Betsy said...

I'm sorry about the pain. But you do have a good attitude about it..AND a sense of humor! LOL. And you know, sometimes when I'm tired, I think it would be wonderfully fun to ride around the grocery in one of those motor chairs! :)

nanatrish said...

Betsy, I have almost felt like taking this down ten times already. People have it much worse than me. I just have to look at it in a funny way. As you know, things we can't change we may need to embrace. God has a reason for our challenges. You are so special to me. I think the little Scooter chairs on tv look so fun. I like a quiet chair. I'd rather ride and look like an old lady than walk around and suffer and look like an old lady suffering. Thanks always for your kind words.

ChaChaneen said...

ha ha ha ha I nearly sprayed the screen with hot tea! That picture is hilarious my friend. UGLY to the core and perfect for the booger that it is. May God bless you and bring you complete healing! Luv ya!

julie king said...

oh, trish my heart goes out to you as you deal with the pain. on the other hand, i am so amazed and inspired by your wonderful outlook and hopeful way of dealing with the cards you've been dealt. i've heard of people getting some relief from the hot water in a whirlpool bath or hot tub. also, is there a possibility of any prescribed physical therapy? i so which i could reach out and give you a hug or find some way to help! take care, my friend!!

steviewren said... go girl. Call him what he is, a pain in the knee.

Seriously, I sympathize. I have had a hard time with increasing pain this summer as well. I have some arthritis, but the really painful stuff is when everything starts hurting for no reason. I asked my doctor...I've fallen apart in the last year or so. He said I might have fibromyalgia. I had been wondering the same thing. Like you, I don't want to take more meds than I have to. So my plan of attack is to try and get more sleep (really hard for me to do) and take pain killers when I have too. I'm going to take a lesson from you and make the most out of what it is. Hugs.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Julie-if I could get in and out of a tub it would probably be soothing, but I'm so sore and don't have strength to get out of a tub. I have to only take showers. I hate to complain because next to some situations I am rocking out. I go to specialists and every few months I can get shots in my knees, but it's too dangerous for the neck. He has got me set up with a specialist for my feet and I will be getting special shoes. I haven't been able to wear cute shoes for soooo long. Oh well, I had my turn at cute. Thanks for your support.

Cha Cha--I like making people spit out their hot tea. LOL

Lora said...

I'm so sorry about your constant companion, Nana Trish. I am impressed by your attitude about it though:)

Barb said...

You have a great attitude and I hope and pray you have some relief from your pain.It's hard dealing with pain on a daily basis,you are in my thoughts and I hope you have a great day....Barb

Anonymous said...

Oh how I feel for you. I am finding more things hurting weekly and cause of it you cannot exercise to help things get better etc...well even so I do not have it anyway near as bad as you and many others do. You have a good attitude and don't think it wrong writing about it. You just put into words what many others are surely thinking. You do Not sound like you are whineing. All we have is today and you are trying to do the best you can with what you have to work with. Jody

Maggie May said...

Sorry about Arthur being so ugly & dominant in you life.
He is also touching mine!
When I first got onto your blog, it had changed beyond recognition and I kept having to check the side bar, thinking *Who is this?*

As regards questioning God, well yes........ even Jesus did that. Psalms are really helpful in that, knowing that someone else has been in the same place & come out of it.
Great post!

willow said...

That Arthur is one nasty guy! Kudos to you, Trish, for being able to laugh about it. There is much to be said about a merry heart. Hang in there. I'm saying a little prayer for you today.

Knitting Mania said...

Praying for a pain free life here on earth, for you Trish. So sorry you have to deal with this, I'm sure it's not fun and keeps you from living your life to the fullest.

Hoping your weekend is full of joy, peace and stress free.


a woman who is said...

I am so impressed you shared all this. My husband recently has had to face Arthur. He is a pretty tough guy and just deals as best he can. It does not impact his life much. He is not his pain. His mom on the other hand, bless her heart has been crippled by rheumatoid arthritis both physically and emotionally. She was hit with this horrid thing in her early forties.

I too would so totally do the scooter thing. Absolutely! My poor mom in law can hardly move now and refuses to use any help and there fore her life has grown so small...really sad.

Prayers going up now, for a remission and please God a complete healing for Trish, Dan and all who know this ugly guy Arther!

Betsy said...

No, don't take this down, Trish. Sure we can all find someone who has it worse than us, but that doesn't mean that your pain doesn't hurt. Let your blog friends pray for you and be a little bit of encouragement! xoxo.

Maggie's garden said...

Thank you for posting has helped me see that I too can look at my arthritis in a humorous way, and it shows me that a good attitude about pain can make a difference.
Hope you're doing okay,

Joy said...


My heart goes out to you. It is not easy to have something that is not visible to those around us.
It is often given the CCCFCCP Award.

From what I have read on your blog and from your e-mails you have a wonderful, loving and understanding family. That helps as much as the medication!


Dustye said...

Trish you are so precious and you touch my heart so. How brave you ae to give that ugly pain a face. You did good girl. Take a hot soak my friend, it helps me. God walks with you daily girl and don't forget. Miss you.