Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankful Trish

Hopefully you have not forgotten me. I have been way too busy and by the time I get home at night I am so exhausted. I have been reading and trying to take care of myself, but I have not been doing a special thing that I have missed: checking with my Bloggy Friends.

Here we are at Thanksgiving and my daughter is going to have the dinner at her house. Her in-laws will be coming and we look forward to a big turkey and ham dinner. I need to bring some side dishes and Avery wants to make a dessert. I will work tomorrow and head back home in the afternoon.

It's been chilly and damp here in Atlanta. I guess kind of neat for the holiday, but they say the sun will be back Thursday. I won't be heading to the mall on Friday. I usually wait until the last couple of weeks to shop and get ready for Christmas. I truly want to stress the real meaning of Christmas this year. I am so blessed to be able to spend so much time with Avery and I realize it's a special time in her life.

I wish I could drop over and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving in person. We could share some coffee and a hug. Take care and let's eat the turkey!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just Thinking About You Out There

Hello, my friends! I am over at Jolie's house while they are at the beach in Alabama for a wedding. I can't help but think that a year and a half ago I sat at this table and started my blog. I have so enjoyed meeting all of you and feel so blessed that I know you. Although most of you I have never met it is so special when I read your posts and comments to me. I don't have a lot of family, but I always feel like you give me a window into your family.

I got back yesterday from Tampa. It was a great trip, but quite tiring. I guess trying to fit lots of work into two days would make anyone tired. I got to see some old friends and we ate some great Greek food. I had salad at the Greek restaurant. The only thing I went a little crazy with was a pretzel. Yes, I ate one of those big soft pretzels. It's not something I plan on doing again for a long time, but it sure tasted good and I got right back on program.

My 81 year old aunt called me about an hour ago and it was so good talking to her. She sounds great and I hope we can go back to Indiana in the summer of 2010. We had so much fun when we were there in 2008 and Avery and Jolie got to see where I grew up. I'm listening to the John Fogerty concert on public tv and I enjoy him. It takes me back to the old days.

I have missed being on the computer and being able to visit your blogs. So now I will close this post and drop by. I wish we could have a big cup of hot tea together. It sounds great about now. Maybe I can get back in my rhythm of posting. I just felt such a need to tell you guys how much you mean to me. I suppose someone that didn't understand blogging would not understand my appreciation,but I do care so much for all of you.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello Again

Indian Princess Avery
I have missed you all and now I feel better about spending some time in BloggyLand. I pray everyone is doing well and I can't wait to visit your blogs. I just had to share Avery's Halloween picture. We took her to Trunk and Treat and church and we had the biggest downpour. We waited it out and finally got to visit the trunks that stayed. She got to see her friends from church and school and was happy about it.
I have been reading and going to Bible Study on Wednesday nights. I've met some really neat people and I'm so glad I've gotten to take some time to chill. Our study has been on I Samuel and it has been great.
I've been eating a baked potato and ricotta cheese on it instead of sour cream. So far I've lost 15 lbs. and I'm feeling better. I will be traveling to Tampa for some work related business for a few days this week. It's probably going to be nice and warm, but I do look forward to doing some audits and seeing friends from years ago.
I'm back in the saddle and I will be coming around to say Hey. Love you guys!