Monday, September 14, 2009

A Big Bunch of Fun

Avery and the Hula
I didn't mean for it to take so long to post after Avery got back, but I have been so busy and it was a 'good busy'. She had a wonderful trip and in fact, talked for two straight hours on our way home to SC from the airport. I have to wait to get pictures from her other grandparents. Avery's camera broke, but they took lots. When she got home she was so exhausted. She had been awake since Wednesday morning and then was up all night due to the 6 hour time difference. She had to do two weeks worth of homework and it was so difficult trying to keep her awake.
She finally got it finished Saturday night and it seems like she is getting back to a regular schedule with her sleep. Her little girlfriend spent the night with us also and they had a big time. They were watching tv and eating popcorn. It's so good to have A back at home.
Sunday afternoon we ate lunch and Avery and her girlfriend played checkers on the porch. Her friend had never played checkers and A had fun teaching her.

Brenda with her wonderful dessert
Brenda and I had the greatest Saturday. We went to a furniture consignment store and it was great. The prices were very reasonable and we will go back with a truck next time. We went to lunch at a wonderful place called the Bistro and then had dessert at Chili's. I needed dessert like a hole in the head, but let me tell you it was fabulous. Brenda started her new job today and we needed to celebrate. She is such a sweet friend and I'm blessed to be able to hang out with her and have fun doing stuff we enjoy like shopping and eating.

Trish's fancy white chocolate dessert
Yes, I ate most of this. I said it would be my last hooray and thank heaven for 2 days I have been eating very healthy. For me two days is a big deal and I will try to get sweets out of my system so I can keep on eating healthy.

I have a HUGE issue with sweets. If you don't give a flip about sweets you are blessed. They call my name and I have to talk to myself a lot to stay away from them. I might as well just tape the cakes and cookies to my hips that's where they go anyway. I'm a happy girl with my little hula dancer back and I'm back to eating healthy. I'm very blessed.


willow said...

Happy to see your sweet little hula dancer back home, safe and sound!

Betsy said...

Oh, she's adorable in that grass skirt! :)

ChaChaneen said...

DARLING picture of A! Poor thing she even looks tired in the photo. Lol. By the way, I've brought my spoon to share in the desserts. Can the waitress bring us another cup of coffee. I lurve treats too and I always say that they keep me "sweet".

Maggie May said...

Lovely hula dancer you have there!
Glad you got Avery back safe & sound!

My my.... that desert looks mighty appetising. Am battling with my waistline these days. I am definitely apple shaped!

freetobeme - Anita said...

So glad to know she's back safely and had such a wonderful, unforgettable trip! Thanks for sharing.

rxBambi said...

When I saw that photo of your grand-daughter I almost laughed out loud. I used to hula-dance in front of the tv when I was little. My dad traveled often and I always wanted him to bring me a grass skirt from Hawaii. He never did (he only traveled to Mississippi, Arkansas, and Tennessee -- not many grass skirts there!) But seeing that photo reminded me of a long forgotten childhood memory. Thanks for posting, and thanks for stopping by my blog

Dustye said...

So happy that your back with your heart! I hope that she had a good time. Thanks for taking the picture of Brenda I love her hairdo! We all have summer cuts, but hey I'm keep mine short. Miss you girl. Hope to see ya next year!

RNSANE said...

How cute Avery is with her hula!

As for desserts, I can easily pass them up unless they are SPECTACULAR! I love creme brulee, bananas foster and a really good bread pudding. I also love everything made at one of my favorite restaurants, Tutto Pasta in Miami...especially the passion fruit mousse...ohhhh, I could book a flight right now!