Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Way Early Tuesday Morning

Here I am wide awake much earlier than I'm used to, but it's all good. Latte and Padme were restless and it is much too early to let them out in the yard to do their business and start barking for no reason. I thought I would get on-line and just enjoy the moment. I'm on vacation and I can sleep when I want and blog when I want.:) I have placed the laptop on the dining room table and enjoy looking at my daughter's pictures. She has VanGogh prints lined up against the wall as she waits to decide what to do with them. I think it's kind of neat. It looks like a gallery and I really don't think it's hurts a thing. They have lived in the new house for nearly a year and she gets quite frustrated that it's not totally decorated.

I tell her that it's a work in progress and who could expect her to have it all in order when she's off to work 5 days a week. She stayed home with Avery until she was 4 and we are thankful she had that opportunity. Now she enjoys working outside the home(most days).

Last night I watched marathon episodes of Jon & Kate plus Eight. I find it addictive. I have no solid plans for today. It's supposed to be a sunny day and I may go to the bookstore and buy some tea. My sister in law sent pinwheel sandwiches home with me and that may be my lunch.


Jamie - RoseCottage said...

1:49AM! I'd be a grumpy girl today if I was awake then! Thanks so much for visiting my blog - I'm glad you enjoyed your visit, and hope to "see" you back again soon!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

You're on holiday and the living is easy! What a wonderful opportunity to relax and be spontaneous, moment to moment.

I relate to your daughter; I too stayed home till my daughter was four,and then returned to full time work. What an adjustment...

by the way, you have me intrigued...what are pinwheel sandwiches?