Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Be Brave and Have Fun, my new anthem

Day 3 is winding down and it is going pretty fast. Jo and the family called a little earlier. Avery was so excited to tell me she rode on an upside-down roller coaster. She loved it and is so proud of herself. Jo said she was anxious and started to cry in line, but Jo doesn't want her to be like me. I was such a fraidy-cat. I look back now and I should have tried more things, but I was so afraid of getting hurt or doing something wrong. She's 8 years old and she needs to experience things. They are loving their trip. Great meals and fun galore.

I fixed a burger and baked potato. I put a slice of sweet Vidalia onion on it and yummy for the tummy. I was just reading StevieWren's list at 9 years old and it really got me thinking. That was the year my daddy was diagnosed with colon cancer, I started my period, and a boy in my class left me a box of pencils that he stuck in my desk. Looking back it probably had a right to be challenging, but looking back so many of them were. By then I was a tall, skinny kid with freckles. Now I'm shrinking, thick and have some wrinkles. I'm thankful I can remember those days though. Signing off for tonight. I probably will not be able to write this much ever again until I'm on vacation.

I hope everyone is doing great and I need to call my cousins.


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Isn't it interesting what we remember from our ninth year?

Your burger sounds dee-lish!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Nanatrish, your blog has hooked me...I hope you dont' go too long between posts once your holidays are over.....:)

steviewren said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today and what a surprise to find myself mentioned here on yours. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the list. Happy vacation!

steviewren said...

ps, I have a Avery too.