Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hump Day Ramblings

Happy Hump Day Everyone! I have my Diet Coke and I'm ready to share. That's what one of my professors in 1973 used to constantly say. Every time she would talk, "I'm ready to share" then when she called on anyone, "Please, Trish, share with us!" I heard it so many times that I always think of her when I hear that word. Those were the days. I was 23 with a toddler. I was going to work in the mental health field and I guess, save the world. Well, I took all the counseling courses and therapy courses and decided maybe that was enough for me. One thing that really stands out about that period in college was the way the professors were just chillin'. Several would sit on their desks with their legs folded and I guess it was easier for them to share.

One thing about education, I don't believe any of those courses were ever a waste. I used the counseling skills when I got into social work years later and sometimes when I look back at my childhood I was somewhat sheltered. That whole 'expressing myself' era opened up a new world to me. I can't remember if I blogged about my college experience, but here goes. I started college in 1973 and didn't get my degree until 1998. Yes, folks, that's 25 years of being in and out of school. I think it would have probably helped if I had known what I wanted to do, but then again, some days, I still wonder. First I was going into the mental health field, then I decided to be a history teacher. I have always loved history so away I went with that. Of course, during all these years I was working and would have to fit my classes into my work schedule. Then finally I decided I wanted a business degree. I cried and cried at my graduation. Probably everyone thought I was a loon, but who cares in the big scheme of life. I was so overjoyed. Then I started working on my masters degree and my job was a bear. I was on-call 24/7 and it just didn't work. So here I sit still wanting to go to school, but I still have a super demanding job and I guess my education will have to wait until later. I loved school 50 years ago and I love it now. Learning new things is so stimulating. It's hard for me to understand people that don't care about learning and growing.

My husband is going to call and come pick me up for dinner. Yes, those of you following my life know that I am at my daughter's while they are at Disney. I'm house/pet/flower sitting.

It just starting storming and now we are going to wait since our dogs and my daughter's dogs are so scared of thunder. I have no idea where we'll eat. We always go through the "where do you want to eat?" and then the other one says I don't care until we here the selection. If we don't go that's okay too. I'll just eat something here and chill. It's so peaceful. Later.


Liz & Brian said...

Hi Nana Trish!

Thanks for your comments! It's so cool bumping into people blogging that you'd never otherwise bump into! Have fun in SC


Gretchen said...

Nice to meet you, Nana Trish! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the books I blather about as much as I do! Happy reading!

Technonana said...

Nana Trish... you will find us right in the middle of the state, and the blogging thing was my son-in-laws idea, he is a computer programer... he and my daughter help me with my blog... if I don't know how to do something, I call them!!!

Technonana said...

Oh girl!! I was coming home this afternoon from my youngest daughter's new home, and it poured on me all the way home. My son called tonight, he lives down near Charleston and said that they had a huge storm too!!

Technonana said...

Good Morning to you, I need several cups of coffee, I will have 2 of my grandsons today... they will be company for each other on this beautiful rainy day..(not complaining, we need the RAIN!!! Thanks for the compliment on my children and grans!!! My husband and I live in the Columbia area... in fact our neighborhood has been annexted by the city, but we have an Elgin address and a Columbia telephone #, how strange is that? Hope you have a great day inspite of the gloomy sky!!!