Monday, February 15, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

I must tell you we had an absolutely wonderful weekend. Please indulge me. I like to read about what you guys are up to, so here goes. Thursday I came home early from Atlanta to go to a Christian concert with my husband and Avery. It was Winter Jam and had the following groups: Third Day, Newsboys, 10th Avenue North, Fireflight, Revive, Sidewalk Prophets, Robert Pierre. It was lots of fun and my husband brought us earplugs so we were prepared. When we were waiting outside I had to sit down and wait until the end of the line because old Arthur has been giving me a fit lately. In all the thousands of people we saw one of Avery's little friends, Taylor and her mom. They were thrilled and hugged each other and her and her mother sat by us. It made it so nice for AT. and of course, that made us happy.
Then Friday schools let out at noon due to the snow and bad weather coming in. We picked her up from school and we had promised her we would take her to see Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. She had a great report card so it was a reward.

We went for Chinese and it started snowing. Avery only eats cold noodles at the Chinese restaurant. They don't have mac and cheese. Anyhoo...we were leaving to head for the movie and some light snow was falling. We enjoyed the movie, but she, of course, said the book was so much better. She has read the series multiple times now and is fascinated with Greek mythology. Now she wants to go to Greece and see everything firsthand. It's an action packed movie and I thought it was pretty neat. When we left the theatre it was snowing hard and there were several inches on the truck.
We dropped Avery off at her house and she and her daddy and Mark were throwing snowballs and playing in the snow. We don't see much snow so it was a huge treat. They got up the next day and made a huge snowman.
We watched the race(Daytona 500) and I slept and read through most of it. It was the longest in history. I think around 7 hours or more. I had taken my car in for service and we were to pick it up Saturday morning, but the dealership shut down due to the weather. Therefore, I had to wait to come back to Atlanta this morning. Now you have some of the details of my weekend. I won't bore you with all the fun stuff like laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping. Overall it was truly a super wonderful weekend. What did you do?


Betsy said...

Wow...that was a wonderful weekend! A girlfriend of mine was taking her kids to see that movie this weekend, too...they were crazy about the books! Thanks for putting my picture on your sidebar....I think you're pretty sweet yourself! :)

maggie's garden said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Don't you just love being a Gramma? I love it too. Such fun.
Feel free to take the quote from my sidebar or anything else that suits your fancy. It's nice that we can all share words of wisdom, and spread some love.

Debby said...

Tim and I are headed to the big city to see Mercy Me this Sunday. Small potatoes compared to your concert!

a woman who is said...

I loved hearing about your weekend. Makes me feel a little involved with you and all things Trish.

RNSANE said...

You definitely utilized every minute of the weekend! I bet you slept soundly at night! I didn't really do very much myself..mostly here at the computer or getting ready for mythree week visit with my mother in Columbus, GA...I hope I can get her into assisted living this time!

Hugs to you.

steviewren said...

Sounds like your weekend was filled with activity and loved ones. There's nothing better than that.
My oldest has been reading the Percy Jackson books as well. I bet they will go see the movie too. Glad you guys enjoyed the snow. When I left the house this morning there was a fresh dusting of snow on the ground.

freetobeme - Anita said...

It does sound like you had a wonderful weekend. I'm so happy for you,