Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Random stuff

I haven't been able to get on my laptop at the apartment very well. I guess I need to have someone check on it. So I thought I would post a little here at work. I am allowed breaks sometimes. :)

Remember how last week I was thinking about being a secret agent. Well, the other night I was behind a Red Bull Mobile. I guess that's what you call it. It was a truck type vehicle with a huge, probably 8 foot tall can of Red Bull. A few months ago I was behind an Oscar Meyer Wierner-mobile. I was thinking that driving one of those vehicles must get you lots of stares and funny looks. I don't need to do that with my new secret agent job. I got the sweetest comments about my dream to go undercover and learn all the scoops. I decided that I could use my cane as a weapon since I am not really into guns. I don't want to hurt anyone, but I may have to protect myself. I'm glad my daughter doesn't read my blog. She would already be ready to put me away somewhere. Avery reads it, but she has the same imagination I have and she would understand.

News flash. We may get some snow Friday in South Carolina. I hope so, Avery wants snow and the last time we got it here in Atlanta they didn't get any. I know the folks up north and around D.C. are tired of it by now, but here in the south it doesn't take much to get us all excited.

I wonder how many of you have hubbies that are crazy about NASCAR. It's almost embarrassing that I know so much about so many of the drivers and their families. Mark is very excited about Daytona this week and that will be the big theme of the weekend. Going around in a circle is what I call it. Sometimes he will watch races from back in the 70's or 80's and I don't even realize it's an old race until they start calling out names of the drivers. I guess when you enjoy something it doesn't matter that you already know who won and they just keep going around in circles.

Let me know if you will be sitting there with your honey watching the race at the same time as little old me. I need to get back to work and reality. My Colts didn't win Sunday so I'm not even going to pick a driver for the big race. It might jinx them.


Maggie May said...

Hope you manage to get the job as a secret agent!!!!! LOL! Well you might! I also have a vivid imagination.

Nuts in May

Barb said...

I love your imagination,you are too cute....Barb

Debby said...

I think that I would not mind living some place where snow was a novelty. I'm about sick of it, myself.

a woman who is said...

Who are a race car fan!

Barb said...

I think you would make a marvelous secret agent. If you need a companion, let me know. I am always up for something new-hehe.

Stay warm.

big hugs,

steviewren said...

Since I control the channel changer in this house, I doubt I'll be watching the race. : ) I will be watching Project Runway tonight for the same reason....the controller is all mine!

BTW, Anthony is still hanging on. I love hearing all his comments.

maggie's garden said...

Happy racing Trish. Some of those drivers are really good looking. It's fun to watch just for the drivers.
Hope you are getting ready for that snow on Friday, and it will be both pretty and fun.
Stay safe.

ChaChaneen said...

Well we aren't race followers but I plan to watch the new EMMA!!!