Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Please come along and join us at Willow's special Cyber Dance. She has such a fabulous affair with so many interesting folks. Don't miss it at It will be going long into the night and she will be such a gracious host. I have heard it is the top social event of the year.
I have had such a difficult time deciding on my date for the evening. Rudy and I have been an item for so long and he was going to tag along, but had business in Europe. I decided on another beau. I thought you'd be interested in seeing one of my favorite pictures of him.
He's such a hunk. He's always been tagged 'sultry' and I have to admit he is a head-turner.
My darling Rudolph Valentino.

Rudy and Trish aka Nana Trish, we had first started dating. But I must tell you I needed a change and my darling, Hugh will be escorting me.

Hugh Laurie aka Dr. House

I just love Hugh and he's a fabulous dancer. Give me a Brit any day!

This was Hugh deciding what to wear. May I say cutie patootie?
Here's my dress for the evening. You will notice I lost quite a bit of weight for the event.

Here's my most comfortable shoes for the night.

Hugh had wanted to take the motorcycle for a stunning entrance. I told him it would really be over the top and of course, he admitted it would not be good for me in my gown.

Guess what!!!!! He had kept it a surprise...a ride home in his hot air balloon. He's such a romantic. I just knew that he always had that 'bad boy' deal going on, but as we left Willow's and flew over the Manor I felt so dizzy with glee. All the wonderful dancing and food. Thank you, Willow, it was just the greatest!


Betsy said...

Well, I must say you looked stunning in that gown and slippers! Wasn't it a gorgeous party...really wonderful! I see you had your dance card full and gentlemen standing in line waiting!
And a hot air balloon ride...really now....Hugh does win a prize for that! ;)

Kalianne@BygoneBeauty said...

You look absolutely smashing! You certainly know how to make and impressive entry! And for that matter, exit too! In a hot air balloon! How romantic!

steviewren said...

Trish, I saw the balloon on the Manor grounds and wondered who the lucky couple were who floated on air to the ball. That Hugh is quite the rogue. You be careful now. Don't let him take any liberties...well maybe one or two when no one is looking!

MuseSwings said...

Trish! I had several committments today and couldn't make all the important rounds until now. Your dress is fabulous! Perfect! He dances quite well for a guy with a bum leg - oh - wait - that's just for television. Thank you for allowing me to ad him to my dance card for the Minute Waltz. Had him back to you in no time!

freetobeme - Anita said...

You are so clever! What a delightful evening! You looked so beautiful! It was a night to remember! Only in my dreams...

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

I want to thank everyone for such lovely comments. I had fun with this. My daughter thinks I'm kooky to be going to a cyber ball. I have a job that is full of death on a daily basis. I get plenty of reality in huge doses. This was fun and helped me to take my mind off so many sad situations. I find it to be interesting to see how others think and I find plenty of seriousness all around me. I always say you have to make your own fun and this is a creative way to make that fun, even if it's only pretend.:)

Indian Lake Papa said...

if you had just been a little earlier at the ball, we could have went for a spectacular ride around the lake in my carriage! Willow did get to go! See my comments at her site. I admit you look stunning in your gown, but alas I had left before you arrived. Your escort needed a little work though --- but, I was taken.

Country Girl said...

I saw you leave in that balloon with Hugh. I still can't find Viggo.
Fun night. And I don't have even the slightest hint of a hangover!!

Maree said...

The one thing I'd like to "dream" about would be wearing those spikeheels and backless dresses on Dancing with the stars!

Alast without major liposuction and
and morphine for the pain, it is not possible in real life sooo..we can dream can't we?

Prayers and blessings!!

willow said...

You and Hugh certainly made a handsome couple. Did you hear the gasp that went up from the crowd as the two of you walked in?! Hugh is quite dashing...what movie have I seen him of my favorites that I watch alot...hmm...I can't place it. Anyway, thank you for making my Ball a huge success. I already can't wait to plan the next event!

His Child said...

LOL,LOL,LOL; as you can see I'm laughing my head off. You are sooo funny. I didn't make it to the ball; but I would have given my right arm to see you in your gorgeous dress with your manly beau. A hot air balloon? You are quite the adventuress. It's so good to see you living it up.

You didn't say, but did you dance all night long? I bet you were tired the at the good old eb the day, but or maybe you floated all day after a night like that! Give me a call and tell me all the details.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

I've never watched the TV show "House" with Hugh Laurie, but I have noted that he is sexy. He must be alright is he rides motorcycles (we do too). ♥ ∞

Technonana said...

Who would have guessed it... you would go with someone with a 'bad boy' image!!!LOL!!
The dress is gorgeous!!!
and I'm sure all the girls were jealous of your date!!