Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Interview with Aunt Ruth

Aunt Ruth
I have some dear friends in Tennessee, Sandy and Bob. Bob's aunt is Aunt Ruth. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. I first met her several years ago out in Texas at her home. She wanted to go to the steakhouse and we had a wonderful dinner with her and her daughter. Yesterday afternoon, my friend Mika and I headed up to Tennessee to visit with Aunt Ruth. We had a wonderful meal. Bob cooked salmon on the grill and he always does a great job with it. They also had baked potatoes and cole slaw. Sandy makes the best slaw in the world. Another friend, Kathy, brought over a homemade peanut butter pie. Everything was so delicious and we felt so welcome. After the meal I asked Aunt Ruth if I could interview her. She agreed and we went to the den for her questions. Aunt Ruth turned 94 years young in June and she's still living the dream. Here's our interview:

NanaTrish: What's your favorite scripture?
Aunt Ruth: Psalms 23
NT: Who influenced you most in your life?
AR: I would have to say my mother.
NT: What is your very best memory?
AR: When I met my husband, Hubert, and we were married 50 years. He passed away in 1996.
NT: I understand you recently had to give up your Sunday School class. Tell me about it.
AR: I taught Sunday School for 54 years. I taught a ladies class and I love those girls. (Those girls are in their 70's).
NT: Who are your favorite people of the Bible?
AR: For the Old Testament it would be Joshua. He taught us to not be fearful. For the New Testament it would be Jesus. He taught us how to live.
NT: What's some good memories you have growing up?
AR: I memorized all the books of the Bible when I was eleven. People don't seem to memorize them anymore. I remember sitting in church with my mother and I would swing my legs from the pew. She'd always say, "Don't swing your feet!"
My husband used to say that the best time of the day is when the day is cracking. The time between the dawn and daylight.

Aunt Ruth is such a jewel and I am so fortunate that she's my friend. I just wanted to share her with my blogging friends. May God continue to bless her and watch over her.


MuseSwings said...

What a wonderful visit I just had with your Aunt Ruth! Thank you for sharing!

steviewren said...

We always think of questions we wish we had asked out aged friends once they are gone. I'm glad you got a chance to interview Aunt Ruth. She sounds like a sweetie.

Knitting Mania said...

Your Aunt is amazing....great post!!

Devoted said...

We all have a legacy to share and "Aunt" Ruth's was fantastic. And teaching into her 90''s a Sunday school superintendent's dream!

Devoted said...

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I tag...muse swings, renewed each morning, and nanna trish

Technonana said...

Loved this post, what a great visit. I know you really enjoyed your time with this wonderful woman!!

Judy said...

What precious memories she shared! Inspiring.

Pat said...

What a nice woman Aunt Ruth is and at 94 so full of life and good memories! She is a role model for living a good life.

Lavinia said...

Way to go Aunt Ruth! I love her spirit and her beautiful answers. This girl has all her marbles and they are shining beautiful. Please post more on her, anytime!