Sunday, July 27, 2008

How'd It Get So Upside Down?

Do you ever wonder how everything got so upside down? I do. These mermaids are chilling out and the fish are flying all over the place. This makes me think of how different it is now from when I was growing up. I know I'm getting old with these thoughts, but it's a reality.
Life seemed so simple then. There was more respect for authority. The things that are so common place now were rare then. So many of our basic institutions were solid and at around the time I got in my mid-teens (mid 60's) there was a deterioration of values. There was an unsettling spirit with so many people. Drugs became more widely used. It was the time for 'free love'. Many chose to protest everything there was to have an opinion on. They took prayer out of the schools in the early sixties. In public school we used to have 'weekly religious education'. When it stopped, I couldn't understand why. We'd walk down the street to a church and have Bible lessons and learn scriptures for a couple of hours a week. I guess the government thought that was hurting us. I disagree.
I guess somedays I'd like to be a cute little mermaid and just explore the ocean and take it easy. What about you?


Sandy said...

I love your drawing and your post!! I am just this week, remembering to be joyful again and see with new eyes...(wrote about my adventure on my bird blog). Nice reading you today NanaT.

MuseSwings said...

Things do seem upside down! Oh, the changes we've seen!
On another note, I saw a comment on my "Virgo Post" from you that I somehow missed until today. Thanks for the visit! You asked about my birthdate - it's 9/11
What's yours?
Caught up on several of your posts today. Love 'em!

Strider said...

I agree. There has always been "lawlessness" but I think it is seen more today than when we were kids. Maybe a depression or a world war changes perspective.....or even a "Flood". Nice post Nana.

Pat said...

Hi Trish

I think life always seems simplier in our youth. We had changes in this country and in the world itself, but the changes been both good and bad. We have to continue to promote what we believe in a do our best to keep our values and faith strong.

Rosezilla said...

My sister and I always played we were mermaids - we'd marry mermen and have merbabies. We got to go to the beach a lot and this was by far our favorite game. It's a good memory, thanks for bringing it back to me. I guess I'm upside down in a different way - my childhood was hard, but my life eventually headed up, and I think it just gets better every year!