Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Crickets and the Sound of Her Ukulele

Untitled by Leo Hunter
I found this interesting picture today and it made me wonder about it. She's playing a ukulele and he's lighting a cigarette. I love looking at pictures and trying to figure out what is going on. Is he getting ready to lure her on some wild adventure? Are they heading out on the lake for a little song? This is a very dark picture that really makes you feel as though it's an inky cool night.
I will be doing some resesarch on this artist and I hope I can find something about him. It's a simple picture, but I think beautifully done with a thirties feel to me. Just like my daughter and I used to always try to figure out about people's lives when they were sitting in a restaurant, I like to figure out what is happening in paintings.
This has been a good hump day. I hope everyone is having a great week!
Maybe this is all about the moon. It seems to set the tone for romance.


momsi/Nonni said...

Hi friend! Just stopping by to say hello. It's been quite busy these last few weeks with company and Birthdays. We still have one more this month. Sweet 16!! I had a pretty rough day thinking of mom alot and wanting to talk. Guess that will happen for quite awhile. Glad your doing better and pray things will be better for those you love. Blessings ,Cheryl

Strider said...

You have some prophetic giftings I think.

Sandy said...

That is a great image and I love the illumination on the man's face.

I relate....I like to walk at night and if people leave their curtains open and I am on the sidewalk, I love to glance in while walking by. ....and make up stories about their lives.

Ruthie said...

That is a beautiful 1930's looking picture. Be fun to hear more about it. Where did you find the picture?

Pat said...

This is such a pretty painting! I like the soft grey color and peacefulness of it.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Yes, there is a mysterious, intriguing quality to this painting. Usually it is the man who serenades the woman, but here we have the roles reversed. I wonder, though....maybe she is just holding the ukelele while he fiddles with his cigarette?