Sunday, July 20, 2008

Easing out of the Weekend

She's a Material Girl
This has been a fun weekend. This is part of a picture I painted for Avery. I needed something to be whimsical and put me in my happy place. I am feeling lots better and this took my mind off of things that will need my attention this week. One of the hardest things for me is to learn to turn things over to the Lord and leave them there.
I pray about situations and truly believe the Lord is able to handle it and then before you know it, I am digging it up and worrying about it again. I sometimes wish I had one of those pen-like things that the Men in Black had to make me forget about stuff.
I think my problem is striking a balance between worrying and be concerned and planning for situations. There are so many references to worrying in the scriptures perhaps I need to study them and learn to really release my worries. If anyone has learned to do that, please let me have some suggestions.


A Woman Who is: said...

There is probably a lot of scripture reference to this, because it is so much our human tendency.

I think we all struggle on some level with this.

Strider ( was hitting on one of my favorite ways to deal with worry…Phil 4:8

Sorry I keep directing you to other blogs…I have very spiritual friend :0)

Barbara said...

I can be overwhelmed with anxiety and worry at times too, but in the end I have to say, "there is nothing that I of myself can do about this, but you Lord can" then just get on with life trusting God to do the changing without constantly checking whether He is or not and NOT TAKING CONDEMNATION. That only comes from the enemy. God encourages Satan lies and condemns 'Just look at you' he says. God says, you are perfect and complete in me and I am changing you from one degree of glory to the next. Just hang in there Trish. Blessings and prayers.

Technonana said...

You are only human... give it all to the Lord!!! And LEAVE IT THERE!!!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Nanatrish, I'm still learning! It's a lifelong battle, I'm convinced. I am a worrywart too, and it can be quite consuming, draining, etc. Makes it hard to see the forest for the trees. I will be reading the comments here to see what suggestions others have...there are so many wise bloggers out there....

Rosezilla said...

Yes, we keep giving things to the Lord then yanking them back to worry over some more! I just keep giving them back and every time I see Him handle things in His perfect way, I leave the next thing with Him a little longer... gradually I have gotten better and better at truly trusting. I'm starting to really enjoy the "Peace that passeth understanding!"