Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bright Hope for the Future!

This will be a bittersweet post for me. This is a picture of Becca. She will be starting medical school next month and yesterday was her last day at work. She will continue as a per diem person, but we were used to her Monday-Friday, all day long. I have hired and worked with so many young people through the years and only a handful really stand out. Becca is right up there in that group. She has so much initiative, she's analytic, and super dependable.
I hear so many cynics talking about how young people these days do not have values and what is going to happen in the future with their lack of work ethics. Well, I must tell you that I have hope for a bright future as long as we have young people that are similar to Becca. I told her to tell her parents that they should definitely be proud of her.
She has been a friend to all of us and many tears were shed yesterday. We are so happy for her being accepted in medical school and proud that someday she will be Becca, M.D., and we hope she'll choose ophthalmology as her speciality.
Good Luck, Becca! May God richly bless you!


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

She looks like such a sweet person, and with that stethoscope around her neck, she is halfway to her dream already!

The world needs more Beccas ! And the world needs more Nanatrishes!

nanatrish said...

Lavinia, you always have the sweetest things to say. We gave her the stethoscope for a going away gift. I hope you are having a dynamic weekend. Nana Trish

Judy said...

The world definitely needs more Beccas! She sounds like a wonderful gal & has a great future ahead of her.

I have a son who is an may seem like a long haul, but the years just fly by. She'll be a physician before you know it.

Pat said...

It's wonderful to hear about this bright young woman, and I wish her much success!

I gave away the award today Nanatrish! Thanks so much for thinking about me and for all your kind words about me.
Hugs, pat

Dustye said...

Nanatrish It was so great to hear from you and I thank you for your prayers for my family. I will lift up your employee family to HIS highest so that he may give them comfort and peace.

God's blessing to you and yours.

drama mama said...

What a fantastic opportunity for her! But, it is sad to see friends move on!

I LOVE your new background! It is so you!

Ruthie said...

What a wonderfu profession for her. And whenever she uses her stethescope, she'll think of all of you and your encouragement for her.