Thursday, June 19, 2008

Where I'm From

I enjoyed see the poem by George Ella Lyons, "Where I'm From" over at Vee's from A Haven for Vee. She tagged us for the meme and I will give it a whirl:

I'm From

I'm from a big city up north to a big city down south
I'm from adopted parents that took care of me when no one else would
I'm from living down the street from the church and sitting on the pews every time the doors were open
I'm from singing,"Give Me That Ole Time Religion" on the front row
I'm from thinking the bible people had very quiet lives on the flannel board. Then I got old enough to read my bible and realized they were living some very big lives
I'm from watching Bert Parks sing to Miss America every fall
I'm from sitting up late with my mommy to watch and see who would become the president. We always ate popcorn, apples and had candy. We drank Pepsi from the tall glass bottles. We were so excited to be counting right along with the newspeople.
I'm from watching boxing with my daddy
I'm from black and white tv and we thought it was glorious
I'm from taking the streetcar downtown to the Circle
I'm from hiding under our desks at school to keep away the bombs
I'm from standing in line at school to get my polio vaccine wondering what it really was
I'm from sitting in science class hearing the teacher talk about someone landing on the moon
I'm from watching Arthur Godfrey
I'm from thinking Twinkies were the best food ever
I'm from a time when we waited for the postman. There was no instant messaging or texting. We were used to waiting and the words on the paper seemed so special to us.
I'm from being pregnant and not having a clue if it was a boy or girl
I'm from having books as friends. They are still my intimate friends.
I'm from sitting on the screened-in front porch with wicker and plants galore.
I'm from watching my mommy and daddy drink coffee out of fat mugs, thinking we had a very quiet life.
I'm from listening to the radio to see if the snow was going to close our school system
I'm from being called Patty to answering to Trish
I'm from dreams of writing books and painting pictures
I'm from a good place

Now why don't you try it? Consider yourself tagged for this meme. I want to know where you are from.....


drama mama said...

I love this! I'm going to try it. Not today, but next week. I hope I

I am also adopted! Aren't we cool!

drama mama said...

Look at you and all your strawberry cuteness! Way to go girlie!

My email is:

I will be out of town this weekend for our family reunion, but will be back in circulation on Monday!

steviewren said...

Nice post, I identify with most of it too. We must be of a similar age. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Judy said...

Good job...I like where you're from!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Well done! It really does give quite a glimpse into a person's life, doesn't it. I remember so much of what you remember!

Technonana said...

Love the new layout!!! Love the blog!!! Love the girl!!

Pat said...

I loved your poem, NanaTrish! I saw this on Vee's blog too, and plan to do it one day soon.

I was a "Patty" too! I rememebr many of the things you wrote about.

Have a good week!