Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Explaining my Whirlwind Romance

After revealing a part of myself in a TAG, I feel compelled to explain my whirlwind romance. I was neighbors with my future husband prior to our relationship. We talked over the fence and waved at each other when entering and leaving our houses. I thought he was a good-looking guy, but looked a little young for me. He had two dogs and a cat at the time and he went to work everyday and took his dogs for walks and listened to music. He was dating someone else and I was dating someone else.

One Saturday night in April he had asked me over. I told him that I couldn't come over that night because I had dinner plans with some friends from work. He said we could make it another night. His girlfriend was out of town and my boyfriend had gone out of town without mentioning it until after he was gone. I went to meet my girlfriends and they all had dates. I was the only one without a date. Then it hit me...duh...I had this cute guy ask me over and I didn't have to be alone. I told my friends to wait a few minutes and I hopped in the car and went back to pick up Mark. I asked him if he would be interested in going and he said that he would love to.

We arrived back and everyone laughed and had a great time. He was wearing Obsession cologne and looked just adorable. I had some surgery on my foot and was in a cast. I hobbled along and he didn't seem to mind. That night he asked me if he could call me the next morning. He called and asked me to go on a motorcycle ride. I accepted and that next week both of us broke up with our other 'friends'. We fell head over heels in love and decided there was no reason to wait on a huge courtship. I suppose I was very flattered that such a good looking young guy would be so interested in me that I just went temporarily insane. Well, that was over eighteen years ago.

We have had our challenges, but couples that date for years do too. Would I recommend getting married that fast to someone? No, but we both were so determined in our love and we have been through quite a bit. His father passed away from Lou Gehrig's disease and then his step mother died of cancer just 9 months later. Mark comes from a huge family and I come from a very small family. He's very generous and would have all the strays in the world if he could. Our vet bills are unbelieveable and it's at the point that we have a mobile vet come and treat all the animals instead of taking them in. We have an acre, but need about 20 with a huge barn so he could take in more.

He's Papa and I'm Nana to our Avery. She's eight now and so very bright and fun to be around. She's very talented and loves to read. I feel as though God brought us together and we pray to be what He wants us to be. Most of the time it doesn't bother me at all with the age difference. It's just that sometimes he teases me that I was a hippie. No, I was in the era, but maybe I could be considered one since in June of 1967 I went to a Love-In at the beach. People were passing out flowers and painting their faces. I didn't see anyone doing any dope or anything, but they were all very friendly. Bob Dylan was playing on the radio and it was the happening place to be.

So for any of you that read about my six week romance and thought I was probably crazy to get married that fast. Yes, you were right. This needs a big disclaimer like the commercials......Don't Attempt This At Home!


Betsy said...

Well, Hi...I said on my blog that I needed to come over and "meet" you. What an adorable entry I got to read here!....would make a great movie! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'll come back again!

nanatrish said...

Betsy, I hope I haven't scared you off with my 'quickie' marriage.:)I am not a 'let anything rip' kind of gal. This was totally something out of left field. I am so glad you dropped over and come back anytime. Trish, formerly the dish, now the Platter :)

Barb said...


Thank you for stopping by my blog.

I love your whirlwind romance. When it is right, it is right.

Hugs to you. I'll be back.....

Marg said...

I came across your blog and loved your romance story. You had six weeks and I had 3 months and I would do it all over again.
We have been blessed with a wonderful life challenges and all.

Mary said...

I completely understand. im in the middle of my own whirlwind. I never belived this could happen so fast. he told me that he knows now that "happiness is when your heart and head are in the same place"

disa said...