Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Saturday!

I hope everyone has had a terrific Saturday! I had a great day with Avery. We went to her practice for the Vacation Bible School program tomorrow at church and then she slid down the hill on plastic cover soaked in baby shampoo. Our church has a hill in the front and every year on the Saturday after VBS you will see a couple of hundred kids and some adults coming down the hill being sprayed on the way down. They love it. This has been a light fun day next to many I've had lately. I finished the book, The Shack, and I absolutely loved it. It gave me so much to think about and helped put some things in perspective for me. I think it's really a must-read concerning our personal relationship with God. It was well written and I highly recommend it.

I plan on writing about my Daddy tomorrow and I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


His Child said...

Eve'n NanaTrish,

I'm so glad to hear how well you are doing. It makes my heart merry to hear the perk in your vaoice again.
Thanks also for sharing the book title"The Shack". Sound like Jay and I would like it.
I finally got back to Blog Land to write a little something in honor of my daddy. If you get a chance stop in. Luvyabye!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Oh dear, I posted a comment and it got lost. Just saying that the Shack keeps popping up on a lot of blogs, and maybe I will print out this post of yours and file it under the book tab of my bloggy binder!