Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Feeling Blessed on Tuesday

The last few weeks have brought some changes in me. That's a big statement for someone of my age. I'm used to a lot of the same patterns and fortunately, not tons of big surprises. I feel like I have lived plenty of drama through the years. Thanks, but I'll pass on the drama. But these last few weeks have given me time to think about things I had been stuffing down for years. Some ways of thinking that have not been very productive. I've been forced to slow down and make some choices. It's not anything like relationships, or employment, or anything like that. It is about me slowing down my thinking and choosing to involve myself with things I really enjoy.

I don't know if it's taking the time to write out some thoughts or maybe going to my high school home that shook me up some. It was truly like being in a scene from Back to the Future. My little part of south Florida looked like another country at times. My beloved, Proctor's Seafood Restaurant, in West Palm, had gone out of business about 5 years ago. Things that had stood for fifty years or more...gone.

I must be naive to have thought it was not going to change that much since my last visit, but I guess I longed for something of my past. Not the whole life, just a few tasty meals, and some scenery that I had viewed in the 60's. Time doesn't freeze and I do feel the effects in my body. When my girlfriends and I walked those streets there was no hint of arthritis. I could read without glasses for hours on end. I was so active; I had no clue plus sizes would be in my future.

All that time brought me here. This is a place I feel God has me. I'm not the same person, but I want Him to use me to bring His beauty to others. I can't look back at what was without being so thankful for being brought through so much.

I guess I need to stay tuned for further reflections. I feel blessed.


Pat said...

Beautiful blog post, Nanatrish! I like to feel that every stage of life brings its own blessings. We have much to look forward to, yet we also have a wealth of memories to cherish.

Thanks for entering my blog give away!

Hugs, Pat

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Another sweet, touching, slightly melancholy post, but that is okay, if that is your state of mind. Sort of wistful, thinking of the past, nostalgic....weren't we all young slender and on the go! What happened? I sometimes ask myself...

Sounds like you're taking stock...I hope to read more about this process...