Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Update on Zayla

For those of you that were praying for my friend's little niece, here is little Zayla. She is so beautiful and doing so much better. Hopefully, she will be able to go home in the next few days. Since Monday was a holiday they had to do a test and didn't have the appropriate staff there so they had to wait. Her parents are so anxious to get her home to her big brother. The surgery went very well and they are appreciative for your prayers.

I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends to pray for emergency situations like this particular one. You guys are great.

I thought I was nearly done with the dreaded report and today I found out I have to change about half of it. I am trying to be positive and just look at it as an adventure. I did decide today that me being in labor for 41 hours was like a piece of cake next to this monster. I have 12 days to finish it and turn it into the national agency so I have got to get crack-a-lacking. Tonight I will watch American Idol and try to work on changing my background of this blog. Tomorrow I will start up again with the numbers. Scream.


Indian Lake Papa said...

How are you friend? Will pray for you.

RNSANE said...

Little Zayla is so precious. Happy news that she will go home soon.

Sorry that you must do over much of your report. Not nice.

Betsy said...

Labor for 41 hours? Oh my.

What a sweet baby Zayla....glad things are better!!

a woman who is said...

41 hours???????????????????????????

Did you only have one child?


Praying that the report will be easier than the labor must have been =/

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Yes, I only had one child. I should have had a C-section and she had to be taken with forceps and it was a hot mess. Avery's mommy is one of my best friends and she was certainly worth it. I feel like I'm going through a test....but this too shall pass :)

freddie said...

Just go to know about your niece, she'll be in my prayeers too.
God bless you
ciao from Rome

Maggie May said...


Nuts in May

ChaChaneen said...

Ah, look at that precious boo-boo! That's what I call all babies, it started with my Girl. She is A-D-O--R-A-B-L-E! Praise God for a successful surgery and answered prayers!

The great thing about trials and tests, is that they usually are temporary and you understand that his ways are not our ways and He can see the WHOLE picture while we see a little snapshot of it! Yahoo! Seriously, Yahoo! ha ha

Enjoy your weekend and get some rest my beautiful friend!

prashant said...

Happy news that she will go home soon.

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