Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No Particular Reason

You see this picture of Hugh Laurie (House) and you may be thinking I have something special to tell you about him. Well, you are wrong. I just wanted to put up this picture on my blog. I think he's quite nice looking. Eye Candy. Love those Brits!!
I am currently watching American Idol auditions and I wanted to watch something entertaining and not sad. I have had sad things to read about and hear about all day long. I have been working so hard on my reports and I decided I must get on my blog and write.
Please help me pray for one of my employee's niece. She was born this afternoon and she had a syndrome where she is having a hard time breathing and they will need to do surgery Friday to remove some extra tissue in her throat. She's over 8 lbs and we are praying she will be fine after the surgery. Their whole family is so upset and I told them I would be praying and have others pray. They have not named her yet because they wanted to see her first and decide if her new name was good for her. She was whisked away to PICU so they didn't get to see her for very long. I know the Lord knows exactly who she is so please say a prayer for her. I'll give you an update when I hear more.
I have been concentrating so much on my project that I have not been able to get into any of the books I've been trying to read. My bible has been my only book that is holding my attention. I have been going to bed so early because I'm exhausted, but then I wake up at 1 or 2am. I guess by now you have read enough of my whining. Thanks for being there. It helps me to know you stop by and check on me. love you guys.


steviewren said...

Trish, I hope you aren't pushing yourself too hard these days. You seem like the kind of employer who takes on everyone's pain and problems. I will surely say a prayer for your employee's niece.

Thanks for asking about my Daddy. He is doing very well. He had cancerous tumors removed from his right kidney. The doctor seemed to think they got it all. Daddy also has multiple myeloma and atrial fibrillation. He's 78 and has never had much wrong with him until this year. Daddy was exposed to asbestos most of his working life. We are pretty sure these 2 cancers are probably a result of that.

Lora said...

Hi, Nana Trish!
We are *House* fans here, too. That's quite the nice pic of him;)

Will be praying for your employee's niece as well.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

House is one of Christopher's favorite shows. He loves it when he has a day off to rest and there is a House marathon on.

I just told him a few days ago that we need to get a few Jeeves and Wooster DVDs from the library so he could se a younger Hugh.

Barbara said...

You knew that little baby Lord even before it appeared in it's Mothers womb. Ptaying for a Godly intervention and peace for the parents.

a woman who is said...

I am praying for the baby girl and her surgery.

Guess what? I started reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I am half way through and so far it is not really a sad book. It has a positive approach about some difficult times. It took me a bit to get into the letter format.

Hang in there Trish. The Bible is a good read for times like these :)

Knitting Mania said...

Popping in to see what you've been up to.

I've always enjoyed "House".

Happy Wednesday~~

Poetikat said...

I always liked Hugh (mainly on Jeeves and Wooster), and am partial to Brits, so the eye-candy is welcome over here!

Sorry to hear about your employee's niece. I will pray for all concerned.

You take care of yourself. Don't work too hard. I have found that changing my diet has made a vast improvement in my sleeping. I posted a great recipe last Friday if you want to check it out because I believe it is what has done the trick.

Be well Trish,


RNSANE said...

Dear Trish, please do take care of yourself. It seems like many of us, for whatever reason, are up frequently during the night. We should all send dreamy thoughts to each other through cyber space and collectively tuck each other back into bed!!

I will be joining all in prayers for this sweet newborn.

ChaChaneen said...

I'm behind in visiting my bloggy friends and see this was written on Tuesday. I hope that all is well now with the baby. I know God already knew it was going to happen and what the outcome is.

Sounds like your putting in long hours again, please take care of yourself to not get back into old work habits. You are loved!