Thursday, January 14, 2010

They're Back!!!!

Get ready for a cool show tonight. Project Runway is back tonight. I had nearly forgotten it and my friend StevieWren reminded me. It will be on at 10p EST tonight on Lifetime channel. I am excited. I have been working so hard and I need a little entertainment. I think it is so cool that these folks can whip together beautiful clothes and put together all types of fabrics and materials. Of course, it's not like the beautiful show I watched Sunday night, Return to Cranford on Public TV. Heidi Klum is not Dame Judith Dench, but it takes lots of different people to make up this world.

I saw a woman today at a restaurant while I was having a luncheon meeting. She reminded me so much of Stevie Wren. My mother used to tell me that the older she got she started thinking so many people were someone she had met before. This woman had the pretty red hair and pretty smile. Her nose looked a little different, but besides that they could have been twins.

Have you ever heard that? I do see a lot of people that remind me of others. Maybe it's just that the older you get you have seen a larger number of people. I tend to have a big imagination anyway, but it's kind of fun. Have you ever thought you saw someone famous or in a situation that you just know couldn't be that particular person?

I am getting very close to getting my big report done. I will go over it tomorrow with my boss and I feel much better already. I kind of feel guilty feeling bad about doing work when so many are suffering in Haiti. It breaks my heart. I have a friend that has been there several times doing mission work and she was so touched by the poverty. We are so blessed.


a woman who is said...

Yes they are! You have got me hooked on this show :) I was thinking of you as I started watching the new season. Such a fascinating show to me...I never would have guessed.

My heart is breaking for Haiti too. It does seem hard to fall asleep at night in a warm soft bed when so many are suffering.

I am hoping your big report is all done and you can have a relaxing weekend with Avery.

ChaChaneen said...

I go to bed too early to watch those late night shows and it's a good thing too because I could EASILY watch movies and tv all night. So I switched to reading a few years ago and that helps me sleep.

steviewren said...

So what garment was your favorite? I like some of the ones that made it through, but didn't win. The winning dress was the knock out of the evening. I loved the way he put the fabric together. Right now there are a few too many contestants for me. It hard to keep that many different looks in your head to start telling people apart.

RNSANE said...

I never started watching that but I do watch Dancing With the Stars and The Bachelor.

I wrote my blog today about Haiti and earthquakes in general. CA has been shaking a lot which always makes me nervous. Our building codes are so strict that, in 1989, in the 7.0 earthquake that hit during the World Series in our area, only 62 lives were lost! Haiti, sadly, has no such codes.

Anonymous said...

My friend has 2 kids she's adopting from Haiti. She is just beside herself. :(