Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some Rambling and Ranting

I posted this winter picture again because I have a question for Mr. Gore. Where is the global warming?I grew up in Indiana so I have lived through cold winters. Then I moved to south Florida as a teenager and lastly to Georgia and South Carolina...Hello..deep south. Having temperatures in the teens with 5 and 7 as wind chill factors is not what I signed up for here in the sunny south. I know for all my friends in the cold north it sounds like I'm a wimp. Well, yes, when it comes to this freezing weather I am pretty much a wimp. We may get snow Thursday and when I was at the store getting my medicine tonight they said it's been really busy with folks trying to get ready for the 'big snow'.

I have been having some computer troubles so I haven't been writing as much during the week. For some reason it seems to be working tonight. Hooray! I'm sitting here watching Biggest Loser and I have been crying with them. I need to watch them suffer through the beginning. I need to be reminded that I need to get back to the serious level again. I've kept most of the last amount I lost, but when the holidays came I fell back to some old habits. I realize you guys understand what a battle is, but for some reason I have to be reminded over and over and over.

I just finished reading Forward from Here by Reeve Lindbergh. It's about growing older and I loved reading about her life as one of Charles Lindbergh's children. It's pretty good. A woman at the doctor's office today recommended a book and I'll let you know what I think probably tomorrow. I love to read book reviews and get personal recommendations. There are so many books out there with clever marketing people and they write up clever back covers and inside covers. I'm tired of getting books and after reading a couple of chapters I don't care for it. If someone tells me they have enjoyed it I will keep going and more times than not I end up liking the book also.

My friend, Brenda at Coffee,Tea, Books and me recently said she loved The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. So I am going to pull it off the shelf and try again. It seems like once I know it's safe to read on I'll be alright. I know it sounds crazy, but it helps me so to know it's a keeper. So I'm going to list some more books that I have, but have not read yet. Please let me know if you have read any of them and what you think. I will truly appreciate it.
Blessed Child by Dekker, Historian by Elizabeth Kostova, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, One Thousand White Women by Fergus, Wicked by McGuire, The Road to Cana by Anne Rice, Take One by Karen Kingsbury, firefly lane by Kristin Hannah. I have gobs more, but this is enough for now. I need to know whether to put the time into them or just move on. I really do appreciate you taking the time to let me know if you enjoyed any of these.

I guess I've rambled enough. Thanks for being there!


willow said...

A dear blog friend just sent me a copy of The Guernsey Literary for Christmas. I had checked it out from the library earlier last year, got busy and didn't finish it, so I'm reading it again now. I'm really enjoying it. I love the intimacy of correspondence.

ChaChaneen said...

Hmmm I have not read any of those books, sorry my friend.

I heard about your weather, it's all the news out here in California to listen and see footage of what your experiencing. Crazy! Stay warm and safe and don't quit your goal! It's okay to fall behind on the scale - just don't quit! You go girl!

steviewren said...

I bought The Guernsey....so far I'm enjoying it. I have to admit that it seems a lot like 84 Charring Cross Road. (which I would recommend to you whole heartedly) Snow Flower and the Secret Fan I read and enjoyed. I read the author's story of her Asian family's immigration to America. It is interesting too.

It's cold over here in Bama too! I'm living under my electric blanket.

Debby said...

Huh. I just saw 84 Charring Cross Rd for the first time. I thought that it was a sweet story. Maybe I'll have to pick up The Guernsey Literary some day.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I know exactly what you mean because I've had books recommended that I started and was appalled by what was in between those covers.

I especially am hesitant about modern authors so I very much enjoy book blogs by likeminded readers.

I have 84 Charing Rd. and the sequel called The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street if you're interested. Just e-mail me and I'd be glad to send them.

Barb said...

Hi Nana Trish,

Love that picture of Avery. She is growing up fast.

The weather is crazy around the country. I won't mention what our temp was today but I am sending warmth your way.

big hugs,

RNSANE said...

I loved "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" - I didn't actually READ the book, I listened to the unabridged book on tape. I love Lisa See and I've "listened" to all her books, "Peony in Love" and "Shanghai Girls." Snow Flower was a beautiful story about women in China and two friends in particular. Hearing it on tape, with the beautiful Chinese music was especially lovely.

I can't even drive a block, without a book on tape playing.

Devoted said...

So good to visit you again, I've kinda missed you, sister. Thanks for the list of books...I have been turning them over and over in the store and have come home empty handed several trips in a row. I, like you, am disappointed when tripped up by the marketing people. (And I used to be one of those people!) Well, now I have a list to go by. Take care, may God bless and use you in mighty ways and may 2010 be the year of unconditional love for us all! ~Devoted

a woman who is said...

I too have The Guernsey Literary... Society book on my bookshelf unread. I am afraid it will be a sad book. Not something I want to focus on this time of the year. But who knows I haven't read it yet.

The only book I have read on your list was the Ted Decker book. It was kind of sad and intense. I get enough of those kind of emotions watching the nightly news =/

This time of the year I am into light and easy reading. Karen Kingsbury is always a safe bet for me.

I have been reading water color books before bedtime lately. Now I just need to pick up my paint brushes and do something with them.