Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Crowning Glory and Mary E.

I recently got my haircut short and I have been thinking a lot about hair. I told my daughter that if I had all the time and money back for my hair I might be a wealthy woman. I have spent untold hours thinking about the next style, whether to cut or not to cut, bangs or no bangs. perm or not perm. My mother used to always tell me how important having neat and clean hair was. She said that it was your "crowning glory". I thought that was such an unusual statement. But, like most things my mother told me, it was so true. When I don't feel good about my hair you might as well hang it up. I am really enjoying my new pixie cut. I have product in it and it's kind of spikey. I feel like a different woman.
In 1970 my husband and I went to London for a week and we saw the play HAIR. It was delightful and the music was timeless. I have been a redhead, blond and my natural color, brunette. I haven't colored my hair in several years. I got tired of coloring a few gray hairs. I'm thankful for not much gray. I think my hair is much healthier now. I believe I have a genetic thing going on. I certainly remember the days of hair dryers like the one below. It was almost like torture.
I have stopped paying big money for haircuts. Here in the big city haircuts are many times $100. and then they try to tag on lots of other stuff. For several years now I have been frequenting the Great Clips shops. Yes, $14.00 haircuts can be just fine. I have tried cutting it myself, but I found pretty quickly that it is NOT one of my gifts.
I just had to show the hair dryer. I used to have the ones with a plastic cap that covered my great big rollers in the 60's. We didn't have blow dryers and the whole process took so long. See what I said about the great amount of time devoted to hair. I have always had to wash it very often so the whole rollers and hair dryer project took a chunk of my day.
Now I am switching subjects. I love Mary Engelbreit. I can remember the day my girlfriend from Seattle told me about Mary. We were here in Atlanta in 1990 at a medical conference and she showed me her work and told me that she had cards and cute stationery. Since that day I have collected Mary's wonderful art. She is so talented. She had the most wonderful magazine, Home Companion.My friend, Stevie Wren of a little birdie told me so told me it had stopped being published. That was a very sad day and I didn't want to believe it. Sorry Stevie. It was earth shattering for me. Am I a drama queen or what? Now I wish I would have saved all the issues. I have quite a few, but not all. She has great calendars and I never get tired of her work.

This is jumping all over the place, but that's how my brain does sometimes. What about yours?

Mary Engelbreit
all pictures were from posters.com except Mary and that's from her site
BTW Mary is on the cover of one of my new favorites, Where Women Create magazine. Try it, you'll love it.


Barb said...

Its so funny. 2 weeks ago I had my daughter Lauren cut my hair like Kris Jenner's at first I kinda hated it but I am so loving it now.I don't pay for haircuts now since I paid for her cosmotology school,after what that cost she's giving me free haircuts and color forever....Barb

Betsy said...

Willow and I had one of those big hood driers when we were in our young teens. I think we bent the neck back and used it as a prehistoric blow drier and then used hot rollers (which were the new cool item!) I so agree with you and your mom that clear, neat hair is a must!

Your new hair cut sounds so cute and easy. I've been contemplating something new for several weeks now, but haven't decided.

ChaChaneen said...

Fun post my friend! Crowning glory is from the bible so that is why women have issues with hair. I have long hair but it seems to suit me. Lol. I just colored mine Monday night, yep about once a month for me does the trick for my gray coverage. I keep with the brown colors though and that seems to help with keeping it healthy. When I did blonde it didn't take long before it was over processed. I used to get a Mary E calendar every year back in the '90s. Great memories of her. Now I am a Regency era gal with my Jane Austen collection of books, my shawls, my fans. Lol

Brenda said...

Hey Trish, loved your story about HAIR! Just got my cut too and I feel so much better. Can't wait to see your "DO" - take care, Brenda

P.S. Thinking back to the 60's my mother was big on home perms - kind of a poodle look, need I say more.

Poetikat said...

Trish!!! Where's the photo of you with the pixie cut?
I've been going to your blog and not finding you...when did you set this one up? I've had the wrong url or something.
Glad I've rediscovered you. I'll be back soon (to see the photo). Btw, I wrote about hair on Blasts From the Past a while ago, did you read that one?


steviewren said...

My hair has always been a big deal with me. When I was young I didn't appreciate it because it wasn't board straight. In my 30s it started falling out and it hasn't stopped, so now I obsess because I try to make sure it doesn't look too thin. Also, the humidity makes me into a mushroom, which I despise. But the good news is I don't have very much gray either. I put Sun In on it about once a year. It lightens it up a little which helps disguise the gray I do have.

As to Mary E, I have all the issues of the magazine since the day I first subscribed. Come on over one weekend and we'll browse through the whole collection.

a woman who is said...

Lucky you your hair does not need to be colored. I need to let mine go grey, but I am not ready to look in the mirror yet and see my mom...lol!

But seriously I want to see a picture of this great haircut. I must admit to you my little secret...I do cut my own hair. My sister is gasping right now. She is much much more fashionable than me...hint hint...she got voted "Best Hair" in high school. Me not so much, long and stringy. :]

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Hey...you might be interested in knowing Mary E has a new blog...check it out.


Enjoy your new 'do'...and let's see it.

Barb said...

Hi Miss Nana,

I like the new blog look.
Consider yourself entered twice in the giveaway. I appreciate you putting the button up. I just appreciate YOU, period!

My hair is short and now it is natural. Lots of gray but it is what it is. I had really long hair has a child/teen but this is easy. I'm a low maintenance gal.

love ya,