Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I have been thinking a lot about dreams lately. I have had a huge project that I have been working on and we launched it this week. So this weekend I dreamed Atlanta had a huge earthquake and I was caught up in it trying to survive. I was arm in arm with Courtney Cox and we were trying to use our cell phones and they wouldn't work. I kept worrying about my husband and daughter trying to communicate with me. Of course, all my anxiety got this all stirred up, but isn't it amazing how real it all seems when you are dreaming? I just wonder how it all processes in your mind.

I used to have dreams I was able to lift up and look down on everything. It's just so interesting. I know the Lord used dreams and dream interpretation through the Old Testament and it just intrigues me how the dreams had such deep meanings. My husband dreams he is driving fast cars and motorcycles.

Well, obviously Courtney and I made it out okay. I love purses and always have. When I was little I would dream I was holding a new purse and when I woke up I would be holding my hands like I was clutching the purse. I remember feeling so disappointed that it was all a dream.


Yaya said...

I love dream interpretation too.

willow said...

Freaky deaky is right! No, actually is just one of those wonderful synchronicities we bloggers experience. Love it.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Trish!

Oh dreams are intriguing for sure! I wish I knew more about them. I have dreams, unpleasant at best, of trying to find a bathroom and all I find is disgusting places or places where there's no door for privacy or a short curtain that does nothing. Courtney Cox has never been there. Perhaps it would have been more pleasant! LOL

hugs, Sherry

Dustye said...

I always dreamed I could fly...still wish I could! I'll fly us around and you can get us some new purses. My Aunt always dreamed she was moving furniture all night and she said how tired she was in the morning! If I dream and it's a mightmare the minute I can wake up, I start saying Tulips, tulips over and over and then I see them and go back to sleep...crazy huh!

Maggie May said...

You seem to have such interesting and exciting dreams (perhaps a bit scary!) I seem to have very ordinary dreams though when I was younger they were more vivid and frightening.
I have always dreamed in colour though. You never mentioned this.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

I must get myself a dream book so I can see what this is all about. Sherry, I, too, dream I am always somewhere looking for the bathroom. It's usually all these people from my past or celebrities. But apparently my pyche knows to make the toilet broken or it's hiding. I guess so I won't pee pee the bed. Avery always asks me in the morning where I was looking for the bathrooms. I have to get up multiple times in my senior years so it's always new places that I'm on the search for the potty.
Dustye--I am not so crazy about the flying in real life so maybe that's why I only lift up off the ground a few feet.
Maggie--I do dream in color.I love it when I dream about my mother. I am always so happy when I wake up and realize I got to see her again....if only in my dream.

Barb said...

That is quite a scary dream.
I can never remember my dreams when I wake up. I guess that is a good thing.

Hope your week goes well.


Barb said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one having weird dreams lately....Barb

steviewren said...

My dreams are rarely fun or amazing. They are mostly of the frustrated action variety. I'm always jealous of people that have good dreams. I've been this way all my life.

You've completely changed your look. It's nice. I like to redecorate my blog myself.

Maree said...

Being a preachers kid I didn't have a lot of toys and if I got too many I had to give them away to "someone that needed them more".
I used to dream when I was young that the cedar chest next to my bed was full of stuffed animals and dolls all lined up...great wonderful dreams. Bummer when I woke up and my one little doll and stuffed animal would be sitting there all alone looking at me.

I've had the didn't study for the test kind of dreams, long corridor of doors dreams and almost falling off a clift kind of dreams.

The main dream I seem to have over and over is moving into a large house with many, many rooms.

They all make sense to me..kinda;-)

ChaChaneen said...

Lurve the new design ya did here! I like the dreams where I fly and soar thru the air turning and climbing higher to heaven!

Devoted said...

I have some pretty vivid dreams as well, Trish...sometimes they do mean something...like the time I dreamed the Lord told me to quit stalling that one of the kids in our SS class was ready for salvation, I was ready to show her the plan..so what was I waiting on. But...mostly...they are a like short tv shows. LOL Have a wonderful weekend! :-D

Betsy said...

When I'm at Willow's home I always look up my dreams in her book. It's really a good one...and spot-on with what is going on in my life. So interesting!

Until you get the book, there is a site 'dreamdictionary' that is good. It isn't as comprehensive as the book, but still really good!

I love the new blog look, Trish...very nice!