Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Night Shift

The last few nights I have worked all night and for half of the day in meetings. I am not saying this to hear, "Poor Trish". This is my job and I am blessed and appreciate to have my job. We launched a new program and I was there all night to be supportive. I had somewhat forgotten the toll it takes on a body to be awake all night. For me being on call and answering questions over the phone is not that difficult. I have experienced it for over twenty years and I usually just go right back to sleep. Working all night is different.

I found myself wanting to eat more than usual. I got lots of things cleaned up and thrown out. When it's quiet and the phone isn't ringing off the desk I can get a lot done. But once I hit my threshold I realize I am just not productive. I have to reread and my mind starts to wander. I understand that you must get more used to it when it's your job and it becomes a familiar routine, but I need to sleep at night.

Speaking of sleep, I am on call and need to sail off to sleepy land for as long as I can. All you third shifters out have my respect. Nite Nite


steviewren said...

I'm usually good to go until about 2am. After that my body goes south on me. I'm a natural night owl so I heartily dislike having to get up and get myself to work everyday. Hope you can catch up on your sleep soon.

Maggie May said...

I would be useless at this and would suffer migraines and all sorts.
You need a medal!

Betsy said...

When the triplets were babies and we were doing night feedings I noticed that I was always hungry! I think your body asks for food to keep going when you are sleep deprived!
I'm impressed that you could be on call...wake up to answer the phone an answer a question coherently and then go back to sleep! funny that my word verification below is 'ringst'...ha-ha!

ChaChaneen said...

Iagree it's a whole new appreciation for that type of job and hours huh? Lol. Good luck Zzzzzzzz