Monday, August 24, 2009

memories from the 50's

As I near my birthday next month I am caught up in so many memories from when I was a little girl in Indiana. Summers were so sweet. I'd wait for the milkman and hope that he had some chocolate milk. He didn't always have it and it became such a special treat. My granddaughter has always had chocolate milk. It's not really anything special.

This time of year we would be getting ready to go to the Indiana State Fair. I loved seeing all those farm animals. I lived in the city and only saw animals like that when we would go out to the country and visit relatives. The kids that brought the animals always seemed so proud. Here I was a city girl and couldn't imagine having cows and pigs. There were some stinky smells around the farm animals, but just go down the way and there was food with heavenly aromas. I thought cotton candy was so pretty and actually I still do. Especially pink.

The day after Labor Day was the first day of school. Mike Albertson, a neighbor from down the street, always would walk me to school those first few weeks. Then we would walk home together and he wouldn't come down to walk to school with me until the next new school year. He had red hair and freckles and he lived with his grandparents. He was a kind little boy and I always wonder what happened to him. When it would snow my mother would walk to school and bring more warm clothes and we would go home at lunch and eat homemade vegetable soup. We didn't worry about kidnappings or scary people lingering around. It's a different world now. At least it is where we live now and here in Atlanta.

I loved new pencil holders and fresh school paper. I felt like it was a new clean slate every year. I loved school and would go now if I had the time and money for tuition. I love learning new things and cracking open the new school books has always been a thrill for me.

Avery has started her new school. She is liking it. She has gone from a class of 8 in private school to a class of 22 in public school. She is excited about her new friends and I'm so happy for her. She leaves for Hawaii Saturday and I will ask everyone to please keep her in your prayers. I'm so thankful she is getting such a nice opportunity. I guess seeing her with her back in school takes me back in my mind to Roy Rogers, Mickey Mouse Club, Howdy Doody, hula hoops, Old Maid cards and my sweet dolls. It was so long ago, but I am thankful I have such sweet memories.


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

How fun to read your memories of those long-ago-days that seem like yesterday! I can totally identify with the 'clean slate' feeling at the start of the school year.

I was one of those farm girls that brought animals to the country fair...back in the day. I was a farmgirl...who was more interested in spoirts and friends than in farm animals, however.

Thanks for the memories...hula hoops and Old Maid cards...such fun.

Betsy said...

I grew up a city girl, too, although I loved animals and always wanted to have pets. Now I live in farm land where everyone's kids raise animals to enter into the fair or they do 4-H. Most do it for college money.

I remember walking home for lunch when I was in grade school, too! I don't think they do that anywhere anymore! :)

So, you're going to be 29 again, right? ;)

steviewren said...

Mickey Mouse Club! I remember going to the fair and smelling the stinky animal smells. I was corndog girl myself. It's fun to remember all these long gone things isn't it?

Maggie's garden said...

M-I-C see ya real soon K-E-Y why because we like you M-O-U-S-E!!! Yeah Mickey...yeah Mickey mouse club! Thanks for bringing that memory back. I used to sit in my vinyl rocking chair, glued to the Mickey Mouse Club show. Thanks for taking me back. Time does fly!

Maggie May said...

Strange how we all seem to have memories of lovely warm summers but in our case, freezing winters.
Hope Avery has a wonderful time in Hawaii.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Trish!

Oh you've brought back such wonderful memories for me! I was so excited to get my new paper & pencils and pencil case. I would have a wooden pencil case in the first few years, I loved how they would slide open.
And all those old kid's shows, all my favorites... I think I was in love with Howdy Doody though LOL! I had dolls that were about 22" tall that I called my teenage dolls and my mom had made all their extra clothes. They were my pride & joy growing up. I still have them and the suitcase of clothes to let my granddaughters play with when they are older. One doll is a ballerina that one leg fell off of. I thought it would be a good thing for them to learn that some people have disabilities in this world by her example. I want to try to make a wheelchair for her... we'll see how that goes!

Thanks for such sweet memories dear friend! Hugs, Sherry

freetobeme - Anita said...

I was a teenager in the 50's and got married in '59. Oh what memories you woke up for me. Thanks, it's been fun!

ChaChaneen said...

Great memories! I love new school supplies too! I love it when the composition notebooks are like 50 cents during this time because I stock up on them for my journals.

I was just a Betsy's blog and watched the funny Staples commercial for back to school. Hilarious, makes me laugh everytime!