Wednesday, May 13, 2009

8 Things

I was visiting my friend, Brenna, at Gracefull Girl and she had a post I enjoyed. So I will take the challenge. Brenna is a wonderful, warm mother. She home schools and loves books. I think you would love her posts. Here goes:

8 Things I Am Looking Forward to:
1. Going to Seattle next month
2. Visiting my cousins and Aunt Jean this summer
3. Losing weight
4. Going to my girlfriend's wedding in Florida
5. Watching Avery grow up
6. Seeing my daughter's yard when she's done landscaping
7. Getting emails from my friends
8. Going to heaven

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Went to work
2. Ate Shrimp Salad
3. Mailed some things to my aunt
4. Watched American Idol
5. Read my Bible
6. Bought some cute shoes at Payless
7. Wrote an email to an old friend
8. Thought about making some purses

8 Things That Bring Me Peace and Comfort
1. Reading scriptures
2. Old hymns
3. Doing art with Avery
4. Sitting by a body of water
5. Closing my eyes and listening to our church choir
6. Being able to pay my bills
7. Prayer
8. Taking Naps

Okay, now consider yourself tagged by me. I want to know about you.


Lavinia said...

Nana what a great list of 8 x 8 x 8. I somehow find it so comforting to read your list and know that to be in your prescense would be so relaxing and comfortable. I just might do this list myself, too.

a woman who is said...

I like this tag too!

Sitting by the water, and art with Avery...oh yeah!

Maggie May said...

There are so many things......
Sitting by the water....... artwork, grandchildren...... definitely.
I enjoyed reading yours.

Betsy said...

I was tagged with this last week and am still working on it. But mine was a little longer with more questions. Maybe I can edit it! ha-ha! I love some of those same things you have on your list!

Technonana said...

Hi Trish... sorry it's been awhile since I have been over here for a visit!! Love the list!!
Thanks for stopping by!!
Love you, Girl!

julie king said...

what a nice meme this is!! you and i definitely have some things in common, trish. sitting by the water reflecting on life's wonderful blessings -- i'm right there with you!

Joy said...

Those lists always help others to understand the bloggers they choose.

I like to read them for that reason.


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Thanks, Trish. It always fun to learn a little more about our blogging friends. Your list read much like a list of '24 blessings'...the things that you have done, hope to do and enjoy doing.

Have a wonderful day!

Janeen said...

Hi there! Long time no read I know, I've been off the airwaves for awhile busy with life but things are slowing down now and I've been here catching up on your posts! Praise God for your MRI results! I'm happy for you too as you said, arthritis is managable versus something else.

I also enjoying reading that you have breakfast for dinner memories. Just the other night I made waffles, eggs and bacon for dinner because seriously there wasn't anything else to fix! ha ha Family and I loved it though and it made me smile when I read your sweet memories!

This is a fun post so I will put mine together right now and post it as soon as I am finished!

Have a great week!

a woman who is said...

Gorgeous new header! I heard you are meeting up with a friend of mine!

How fun that will be.

Maree said...

Thanks for the reminder to be thankful...

The one thing that always brings me comfort is.... the fact that everything is God's, everything belongs to HIm~~

Knitting Mania said...

Just saw this over at Lavinia's too, I think I'll take on the challenge also!

Hey...heard about your up coming visit with my bff(Dustye). How fun will this be. You will just love her Trish! I told her to take plenty of photo's to share when she returns!!


steviewren said...

Trish, I've been away from blog world so long...I didn't know you haven't felt well but I'm glad you got a good report. (by good I mean nothing out of the realm of dealing with) It sounds like you have a full summer to look forward to. Have you been to Seattle before or will this be your first visit?

It's nice to visit with my virtual friends again!