Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cookie Needs our Prayers

My husband calls Avery "Cookie". She woke up at 2am vomiting and had a terrible stomach ache. My daughter cleaned her up and took her temp. It was 101. They didn't get to sleep until around 8am and Avery has been on the couch all day. Jo's been giving her Tylenol and Sprite, but she could only keep one cracker down. I just hate it when she's sick. I just spoke with Jo and now she is feeling bad like she is getting sick also. Please pray they will get better. I think the weather changes have made so many sick. Now today we didn't even need a jacket or sweater, yet early in the week I had to have a thick coat. Crazy weather. Please say a prayer for Avery and Jo.

I just got home from work. I had a conference call that didn't even start until 8pm and I'm so sleepy. I just had to ask for prayer for Avery and I don't feel right if I don't check on my friends.


Blicky Kitty said...

I'll keep them in my prayers -- especially little cookie. :( So sad when they're sick.

Lavinia said...

I will include Avery and her mom in my prayers tonight. I know how you feel---the world is always off kilter for me when my daughter is sick. Nothing seems right during those times, its all anxiety. THere is definitely something going around, I had it 2 weeks ago and my daughter had it last week. Many people I know are down for the count. Fevers are striking particularly hard. I pray you all feel better soon!

steviewren said...

Poor babies! I hope they haven't come down with the flu. It is going around here in AL. Prayers going heavenward as I type!

Maggie May said...

There is a lot of it going around. Was MY turn a couple of weeks ago.
The illness came quickly and went quickly.

Yesterday at the After School Club where I work, I had to mop up after another child was very sick. Hoping that it is not a different germ.......

Will pray Avery will be right as rain in no time.

freetobeme - Anita said...

Awww...I'll be praying for Avery and for her mom. It does seem to be going around, but that doesn't make it any easier. Thanks for sharing with us.

Debby said...

It's going around NW Pennsylvania too. Just remember, Nana. This too shall pass. Prayers for you and yours.

Poetikat said...

I will say a prayer for them both. You know ginger tea might help with stomach discomfort. You can buy it at any health food store or in the health section of a good grocery store.


Devoted said...

Know we are lifting them both up. Praying for a speedy healing.

Betsy said...

That stomach virus must be everywhere! It's going around up here, too! Hope everyone is well soon!

Sandy said...

Oh...prayers for sure. Hoping she feels better soon. I've heard of others with this nasty flu.

Janeen said...

Prayers going up my friend! We all have to have our turn with this darn illness it seems. Ours was in January - icko! I joke about it now because it jump started my weight loss. ha ha

Get some sleep and rest your eyes. Zzzzzz

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