Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In November of 1961 I was a girl of 12 and my life was basically like most other girls my age. My daddy had passed away the November of 1960 and my mother and I made our way through life with lots of friends and church members. During the two years my daddy had been sick our lives had totally changed. We had to sell our car. My mother had to go to work, as my daddy had to stop working immediately after he got sick. He was in and out of the hospital too many times to count. When he was in the hospital my mother would have to get me off to school, go clean someone's house, then we would ride the bus to the hospital. Sometimes our church friends would give us a ride to the hospital. My mother stayed in motion from sun up to sundown. I didn't realize the sacrifices she made until I was older. I guess I was caught up in my own little girl world. It hurt me that I could do virtually nothing but pray for my daddy. He would cry out,
"Jesus, please take me home!" I heard that phrase so many times that at night I had to put the pillow over my head to try to get my bearings. I hated it that my daddy had to suffer so much.

The fall after my daddy died we didn't realize that we needed to have the leaves cleaned out of our chimney. We had our furnace converted over from gas to coal. My daddy had thought it would be easier for my mother to have the gas. He didn't realize that someday it would nearly kill us. My mother had started cleaning a doctor's office. The doctor was a church member that my parents had known for years.

One morning my mother and I woke up and both of us were so nauseated. Normally I would jump out of bed and get ready for school. I loved going to school and I had to really be sick to even think about missing it. That morning I would get up and try to get dressed and I would nearly faint. My mother called the doctor and he came to check on us. He told us just to stay in bed and rest. When he left I felt chilly and I asked my mother if we could put the window in the bedroom down. We didn't realized that was our only source of fresh air. I got my transistor radio and put it close to my head and went to sleep.

The doctor sent his wife to check on us at lunch and she came back to the office and told him we were sleeping so soundly that neither of us woke up when she called our names. He became alarmed and hurried back to our house. By the time he got there both of us were totally unconscious. He called an ambulance and we were taken to the hospital. As I got out in the fresh air I remember opening my eyes seeing people but I couldn't speak. I looked over and my mother was still asleep. She was 61 and her lungs didn't respond as fast as mine. We were in the hospital for hours where I had been questioned by doctor after doctor. Finally, a young resident asked me if I had heard anything as I was ready to pass out. I remembered that it sounded as if a train was coming closer and closer and then I'd pass out. He said he had been on rotation at another hospital and there had been a family that had been overcome with carbon monoxide and they described the same sensation.

They sent the fire department back to our house and used some sensors and determined that the house was full of the gas fumes. They opened all the windows and aired it out. My mother finally recovered that night and it was a happy time for us that we were still among the living.
Folks, I feel the Lord had spoken to the doctor to tell his wife to come and check on us. If we had stayed in the house with the window closed we would have been dead within hours. Thank the Lord I have had the opportunity to live another 47 years and I praise His sweet name that He continued to watch over my mother and me.

I may have told this story before, but since it was at this time of the year it came to my mind and I wanted to share it. Don't ever take anything for granted. Love each other and thank our Creator for watching over us.

Simple Pleasures--Day 2 Vicks VapoRub. Yes, you read it correctly. It is a topical analgesic that my mother thought was the greatest thing for a cold. Unfortunately, with this latest weather change I am back to being all congested and I bought some Vicks VapoRub. I rubbed it on my chest and under my nose. It so reminds me of my mother and although a doctor once told her it was psychological that it worked for her. She didn't care. When we left his office she said she had been using it for years and she knew what worked. My mother rarely went to the doctor. This must have been a time when I was extremely ill because normally she would pray for me and eventually I would be fine. I know many people now that run to the doctor every time any little thing hurts them. I'm in the medical field, of course, I believe the Lord uses doctors. I'm just sharing how we lived back in the 50's.

May the Lord be with us as we enter these uncertain times. Hebrews 13:5, "Don't love money, be satisfied with what you have. For God has said, I will never fail you. I will never abandon you. So we can say with confidence, The Lord is my helper, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me?"


Lora said...

That's quite a story! Isn't God good to always watch out for us?

I have lots of childhood memories of Vick's Vapo Rub, too, my mom loved the stuff. I didn't really like it as a kid, but now I buy it for my kiddos:) Only they now have a much milder *lavender* scented one for them:)

Betsy said...

I agree..that is some story! So glad you are still among the living! I have some Vicks in my medicine cabinet! :)

Devoted said...

awwww...Trish, you have touched my soul tonight. God is so faithful. Isn't it wonderful when people follow His prompting? Makes me think of that song. "Look What The Lord Has Done."

I also have Vicks in my medicine cabinet. My mother thought it was the cure all and when I am stuffy I slather it all over.

Be blessed my sister as you have blessed us. ~Theresa

MuseSwings said...

This is an amazing post. I'm sure God just reaches out and moves people to do things sometimes - like the Doctor sending his wife to check on you. Amazing. Ah - Vicks Vapo Rub - brought back memories!

Technonana said...

Isn't amazing what we remember from our childhood!! Thanks for sharing this story. Your mother sacrificed so much.. reminds me of my parents.
Vick-vapor-rub, I believe was a staple in many homes!!
My daughters pediatrician told her to rub it on the children's feet at night to help calm a cough!!

Anonymous said...

I have my house all done in 50's and just bought an old vaporizer that I put Vicks in.

Anonymous said...

I have rescues too, 4 dogs, a cat, 2 turtles and a cockatiel.

Linda said...

{{Trish}}--Sending you lots of hugs and love. Blessings my dear friend.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

My father died when I was ten so Mom tried her best that we didn't have to go to the doctor (although they were a whole lot cheaper, then).

She was a Vick's Mom, too. Which is funny because her maiden name is Vick. :)

I still think of her when I put Vick's on my chest and under my nose!

Maree said...

Wow Trish! What an awesome story of how God uses people to be his hands and feet! Brought tears to my eyes to read your testimony!

Thanks for your concern and encouraging words...really means a lot to me!!

My dad use to put Vick's in a big spoon and sit next to my bed with a lighter flame under it....torture!!!!


Lavinia said...

This is a gripping story, very well told. An angel was looking out for you and your mother, that is for sure. An angel saved your lives. I really enjoyed reading this riveting account of your experience, and learning more about your family. So glad you made it through that gas ordeal!

Lavinia said...

One more thing: I swear by vicks vapo rub! I'm something of an addict, I even carry it with me at all times in my purse, year round!

Strider said...

Wonderful story and testimony. Thanks for sharing it my friend.

freetobeme - Anita said...

Thanks for sharing your story with us. God loves you and so do I.

a woman who is said...

Oh my gosh, what a powerful story. You have endured much, but the hard things have made you so sweet and tender, not bitter and hard. I say this because you are always so full of hope and even during the tough stuff your hope rises to the top. Hope floats in you no matter what you face. It is a blessing to know you Nana Trish.

And I am particularly impressed that Avery likes Earl Grey =]

nanny said...

Update on the Vicks! I went to local Dr. this past Thursday for tight chest, coughing, and all the other awful symptoms.
Well my Dr. gave me a prescription for antibiotic, but urged me to not fill it for 24 - 48 hrs. and to please try drinking lots of water, take tylenol AND don't forget Vicks? He is a young nice Dr. but says the old remedies WORK. He did say to rub vicks on feet at bedtime and wear socks. He said if I wanted to take it a step farther, put wal mart bags on my feet to hold it in/ha. I told him I figured I would have to find another bed to sleep in if I did that/ha

Sandy said...

OMG what a story!! Incredible and so lucky you are that you were both found in time.