Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ramblings on a Tuesday Night

Taylor, Pennye and Avery
At church Saturday morning the children had an egg hunt. This is Pennye, their Children's Church director. She is a dedicated Christian that has a special love for children and they certainly love her back.
Later that morning we realized Avery had an encounter with fire ants. She got swollen on her foot but is much better now. We colored eggs and then made some Ohio Buckeye candy. It's peanut butter with chocolate. They were excellent and she got a kick out of making them. Sunday we went to my sister in law's for dinner and had ham, turkey, macaroni and cheese, green beans, rolls and various desserts (Avery's included).
Last night we had a terrible storm here in Atlanta and it knocked out the power until 4:30 this morning. This evening it has gotten cooler and I am so happy I have electricity. I really think it's one of those things that I need to tell the Lord how much I appreciate more often. It was so dark and quiet. I did enjoy the quiet, but it was so very dark. My husband is very safety conscious and he has set me up with fire extinguishers and battery lamps. I appreciate that too.
I am starting a new book by Francine Rivers, "Leota's Garden". This will be my first book by this author, but I have heard good things about her. Have you read any of her books?


Janeen said...

Ahh, such a lovely memory you all had for Easter! I liked that menu too, yummy, yummy! And that dessert - I am all over that, I lurve peanut butter and chocolate. Any left for your bloggy friends?

Betsy said...

Oh those buckeyes...needless to say, they are popular up here in Ohio! Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Sounds like your Easter was lovely Trish.

Glad the storm did not do damage and I hope the rest of spring will be peaceful. Tornadoes are so horrible this time of the year!

We've been having lots of rain , but April showers....May Flowers!

I've never read anyhting by Francine Rivers -- please let us know what you think of that book when you're finished.

a woman who is said...

It seems like I have read some Francine Rivers, but I have no recollection of it =(

You will have to do a book review for us!

Glad you had such and awesome Easter!

Knitting Mania said...

Hey Trish...sounds like you guys had a nice Easter. Great pics of the grandkids...

Thanks for your visit btw. Wish we lived close too, how fun it would be to teach you how to knit!! Dustye would enjoy your company also!!

Be Blessed!

Maggie May said...

Hope Avery's ant bites have calmed down now.
How awful that storm.
Love the description of the Easter egg painting.
I haven't read anything by Francine Rivers that I recall.

freetobeme - Anita said...

I love Francine Rivers. I've read several of her books but I'm not sure I've read this one. One of my favorites is The Last Sin Eater.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Mama is quite a book reader - she has read 8 or 10 of Francine Rivers books. She keeps a journal of all the books he has read. SHe has read 44 books of Ksren Kingsbury. Easter was a great time here.

Linda said...

Such a lovely memory of Easter. Nice pic. TY for sharing. The weather was the same here. Blessings

soulbrush said...

your header is stunning.

Barb said...

Hi Nana Trish,
It sounds like your Easter was very special. We had the opportunity to talk with Jeff for a few minutes on Saturday. I know the Lord has him right where he is supposed to be. I have peace(took a little while for that to kick in-hehe)

Avery is such a precious girl.
Give her a hug for me.


Barb said...

sounds like a nice easter,sorry to hear about those fire ants I have been bitten on my foot before and it sure hurt have a great week....Barb

Strider said...

sounds like you had a great Easter. Good to see things are going well with you and the family. Blessings.