Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Drop by for a While

I shot this as I was walking out of my office this evening. I thought to myself, "Trish, wouldn't it be neat to invite all your friends to have a bite and some good iced tea." I wish I could bring everyone in. I'd have a limo pick all of you up at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport and bring you on up. We had a beautiful day and in fact, three of us sat outdoors and ate our lunch.

I'll be having my MRI tomorrow morning and I appreciate all your prayers. I pray it is something simple. The doctors can't figure it out and I've had so many friends trying to guess. Me, as well. Who knows? I guess at this point only the Lord knows. He made me so He will have to take care of me.

I had a big bowl of cereal for dinner and now I'm watching American Idol. I'm just trying to chill lately. Any suggestions? I'm open. I've been wound up tight for years and it's hard to unwind. Seriously, any ideas will be appreciated. :)


Betsy said...

Thanks for coming over and saying hello! You are right...you WILL be fine! When I'm stressed, nothing works better than a long bubble bath and to bed early! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow! xo.

Janeen said...

Yes I'll be praying for you! It will all be fine though sweetie!

For me, if I can't unwide and need to get some rest and sleep through the night (a rare thing since having children) I take a sleeping pill... the Kirkland brand from Costco works great for me and I only need half of a tablet, so a box usually lasts me a year. Not habit forming either, Yahoo!

Joy said...

Hi Trish,

Glad you are back. Appreciate the note. Will pray and wait to hear from you.

I have found that the best way to unwind for me is to go though my Bible and read the verses I have highlighted in green over the years that were given to me as comfort, answers to prayer, etc.

Also, pouring out my heart to the Lord. Telling him how I feel about a situation and asking for his help. When I am able to leave it with him he takes care of the matter. When I jump in and try to handle it myself, it can make matters worse.

When I have left the problem with the Lord he can flood my being with perfect peace. No better way to unwind for me!


Barb said...

I will say a prayer for you,a hot shower and a good book always seem to help me relax a little....Barb

julie king said...

i'm sorry to hear you're having health problems. as you know i've been away and have fallen behind on all my blog friends. i hope you get answers soon and everything is ok. you're in my thoughts and prayers!

try a hot bath and a good book.

a woman who is said...

Hey Trish, prayers are going up. I can understand your anxiety about your health. It freaks me out a bit too when I have to go through some testing. I am with Joy though. When a problem arises I do my best to leave it with God.

Mmm that ice tea and a relaxing meal sounds lovely. My bedtime routine includes a little time on the computer. Notice I am almost always on late at night =} and a fairly boring book before I go to sleep. If I read a good book...I often won't fall asleep =}

Maggie May said...

A hot bath and read a book.
I find knitting is relaxing and is supposed to be good for the brain!
You are already trusting in the Lord and he will look after you.
Wishing you all the best. Hope it is nothing too bad.

Linda said...

PRAYERS{}. It would be nice to meet up, tea sounds just lovely. Trish, dear, have you thought about retiring? (I know, I should not say the "R" word)Can you afford it? Just was wondering.. Sending prayers, please let me know how everything goes etc. You have my email. Blessings

Maree said...

I'm a praying!

I know in my life I have to keep it simple...too many things going on makes me a wreck!

Laughter is awfully good medicine too...

LeAnn got me to buy the devotional book "Jesus Calling" and it's wonderful to remind us daily to "let go, and let God."

Love you!

MuseSwings said...

Prayers for you Trish! Thank you so much for the lovely lunch invitation- I had the chicken salad with mango and kiwi and the Key West dressing and the iced tea, of course. I enjoy eating outdoors.

Dustye said...

Trish your so in my thoughts and prayers. Sometimes life takes over and I know that I lost control. When I turned it over to GOD I found such peace. I still have health issues but I believe in HIS healing. May GOD be with you and yours.


Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Oh, I am so there for the lunch thing. Am I too late?

Sorry to post last but it's been hectic here. Prayers are said for you. How did it go today? Please don't leave us hangin'. :o)

I'm with Linda on the retiring. If you can, go for it. Your whole life will improve immediately.

Brenna D. said...

I'm RSVPing! xoxo

Lavinia said...

I'd love to hop into that limo Nanatrish and join you for a cold glass of iced tea!