Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Update in Patti's World

Here it is Tuesday night and I thought I would give you guys an update on my comings and goings. Nothing huge, but I felt like I should let you know what's happening. It's a rainy night in Georgia and it makes me kind of chill out. I have American Idol on in the background and I'm waiting on the tv show The Mentalist.

This month has flown. I was on a business trip the first week of the month in Texas and then my family emergencies. Then I got sick and now here it is the last day of March. Work has been hectic and so many have been out with various illnesses.

Avery got some exciting news the other night. Her grandparents (daddy's parents) said they would like to take her to Hawaii the first week of September. Well, needless to say, she is thrilled. I would imagine we will be discussing what she will see there, what she will wear there, and every aspect of the trip. I'm so happy for her. I think it will be a great opportunity for her.

I listened to StevieWren's suggestion and I have started the Twilight series. It's great so far. It's easy reading and draws you right in. Stephenie Meyer is a neat writer. She gives lots of details, but it doesn't get bogged down. Fast, fun, reading. Thanks Stevie.

I commented on someone's blog last night and it got me thinking about some of my oldest friends. I miss them. Wouldn't it be fun to just be able to hop on a plane or in the car and go visit? We could catch up and talk about those fun old days. We'd talk about how skinny we were and how we worried so much about what we would be doing on the weekend. I should have been studying and listening more, but NOOOO I was writing notes and doodling. Well, not all the time, but I should have been working my butt off. It wasn't until college, as an adult, that I got serious and worked hard. Silly Patti.

The Lord has watched over me and still continues to help me with disappointments and heartaches. He's always the same and I am so thankful for that.


julie king said...

i'm watching idol as well and reading lbogs during the commercials. life has handed you more than a fair share of challenges and heartaches lately. you are an inspiration to all of us with the way that you've dealt with the bumps in your road. thanks for that.

hurray for avery! what a thrill for a young lady. some people wait a lifetime until retirement for a trip like that.

i too enjoyed the twilight series. although not my favorite genre, it was amazing addictive and easy to read.

i am lucky that i still get to see some of my best friends from high school. and, believe it or not, it is still sometimes like you say. we are instantly transported back to those high school days. but luckily we see life from a much wiser and mature standpoint. we're still those giddy girls inside, though.

take care, my friend!!

Barb said...

How fun for Avery, I read the twilight series last year and was surprised I liked it.Our weather has been yucky here off and on (rain) hope you are feeling better take care of yourself....Barb

steviewren said...

I watched Idol too. They have some good contestants this time.

Go Avery! She is lucky indeed to be invited on such a wonderful trip. Can I go too?

I'm glad you are enjoying the books. I'm not a fantasy reader myself, but these read more like adventure romance novels. Let's just say I got sucked in.

I hope next month will be more serene and less overwhelming for you and yours.

Maggie May said...

Brilliant that Avery is to go to Hawaii.

Until you return, take care. God Bless.

a woman who is said...

I am resisting the Twilight series. I can hear the sucking sound, like Steviewren said :)

Nice catching up on your Tuesday evening. Re Idol, I was a Danny fan, but I am falling in love with Chris's creativity. Very cool idol season.

You should give me a heads up on your Seattle trip. I am 3 1/2 hr. away but will be making trips over there to see my daughter...who knows our schedules might connect?

Betsy said...

I'm with Stevie ~ both of us should probably go along...just a few extras to make sure the trip goes smoothly! ;)

Lora said...

I too wish that I could zip around the world visiting *old* friends. Sometimes I just miss them so much! I'm glad I have the internet, it helps:)

Lavinia said...

Nana, thanks for the catch up. I love this line: "We'd talk about how skinny we were and how we worried so much about what we would be doing on the weekend."

That about sums up most of my 20's! (Until my daughter came along, then I knew what I'd be doing every weekend--and I loved it!)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I was a "Patti" too until I turned 14 and wanted to be more sophisticated ...lol..and then I became a "Pat" but my husband calls me "Trish" and my family still calls me "Patti"

You've had a rough years so far but you are a survivor with God's grace and help. I pray better days are ahead for you.

What exciting news for Avery! I've always wanted to see Hawaii --I hope she will take pictures for you to share here.

Strider said...

Sounds like you could us a trip to Hawaii! My middle daughter read the Twilight series. She really liked them. Take care my friend. Strider

nanatrish said...

Strider, I could use a trip to Hawaii, but I won't be going. Of course, unless a miracle happens.