Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Not Always As It Seems

My new banner was supposed to be a big full cluster of flowers. As I got closer I realized that they were far apart and the dirt makes up about half of the picture when you really analyze it. Then I started thinking about life. Sometimes we think a situation is all beauty and goodness. The deeper we get into it we realize the ugly (dirt) has to be among the beauty (flowers) to help it grow.

My mother used to tell me that we must take the bad with the good. I didn't like hearing it, but now as I've aged I understand what she meant. We seem to appreciate the good more when we have had to go through the dirty parts of life.

ALI UPDATE: Ali will get another ultrasound tomorrow. The antibiotics have helped. The doctor said it sounds like it may be a good sign since her pain has subsided. Thank you for your prayers. I will keep you updated.


Lavinia said...

Nana, your banner is beautiful...a touch of spring to my still-winter world. I'm so glad to hear the news about Ali, I've been praying and praying for that cute little wee one. Please tell her mom that there is a mom in Toronto who is thinking of her daughter and hoping she gets well very soon and its nothing serious.

Betsy said...

Hopefully the good bits all grow together and cover up the bad...just like the flowers will fill in the whole flowerbed!

I'm glad you will update us on Ali...I've been wondering about her diagnosis.

Ruthie said...

Glad Ali is feeling better.
Keeping you all in my prayers.
I really like your new heading. :)

a woman who is said...

Thanks for your comments and hugs today :)

Your header is beautiful and we can see what it is going to be like when it is completely filled in.

Vision for the future is a good thing.

Health and healing to Ali!

Maggie May said...

The header is great dirt and all!
As you say, life is made up of the good & the bad, dirt and beauty! We need all of it.

Glad Ali is progressing and I wish her well.

Linda said...

I love your new look here. Continuing to send prayers. Blessings

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

And that is how life is, Trish...the good and the bad...the happy and the sad...all mixed up together!

I like your new spring look over here.

Technonana said...

You are so right my friend, 'it's not always as it seems!'
Life it hard, but you and I can still find Joy in the one who loves us best!!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

That was a very good analogy. I have bits of wisdom hit me like that when I'm gardening or walking. God speaks to all of us in His own special way.
Still sending prayers for Ali. Hope she's at 100% soon.
Have a great weekend! ♥ ∞

Yaya said...

I'm loving the banner, especially the orange flowers!

Ruthie said...

Came by again. Keep us posted.

steviewren said...

Lately, I've focused on the dirt part of life too much. I need to do something about that. Age has a way of making a person get straight to the bottom line of situations though.

Maree said...

Love the pansies...I'm always a little sad when summer comes and pansies go....think I'm a spring, fall kinda person.;-)I'm a gardener so I believe the most wonderful things come out of dirt!

HOPE...believing that something good can come out of something bad.

"We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him" Romans 8:28

Janeen said...

Hello my sweet friend, Happy Saturday afternoon! I like your yellow background, perfect for spring. I'm so glad to hear that Ali is responding to the medicine! How are you doing this week? Still grieving?

Strider said...

As Eccl. says....enjoy the good days and endure the rest. These are all gifts of God. BTW...being an agronomist...I liked the picture of the soil (remember....dirt is something you sweep out of your house....soil is for growing!!!! :-) )

julie king said...

you are a wise woman and i so agree with this post. my mom used to say don't cry over spilt milk and that gotten me thru some tough times. we were both blessed to have wonderful mothers, eh?

glad ali is feeling better.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Trish,

It seems we learn a lot from the dirty parts doesn't it? This life is all about learning what God wants us to absorb through experience. We can chose to absorb and learn how God works for the good, or we can reject it and be miserable and angry.
You and your family have been through so much of late Trish. I pray that things will smooth out and be calm for all of you. If you ever need to talk to someone, I'm only an email away!

Big hugs,Sherry