Friday, December 26, 2008

Sweet Noggie Memories

Avery making homemade Chocolate Eggnog
Yesterday was a great Christmas. Everyone was happy(or certainly appeared to be) and we all got together at my daughter Jolie's house. Since I enjoy reading other's menus I will list hers. Ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, deviled eggs, hash brown casserole, mac & cheese, pistachio pineapple marshmallow salad, pecan pie, Boston creme pie, cookies, and fudge. Last, but not least, Avery made some Chocolate Eggnog from a recipe in a new cookbook she got for Christmas. It was quite good and as you can see, she is enjoying her cooking.
Jolie had invited my SIL and her husband, her daughter and her boyfriend, and of course, there was my husband, Jolie's husband and Avery. It's hard to believe it's their second Christmas in the new house. Time goes so fast.
One of the favorite things my daughter got me for Christmas was the new Bible Study by Beth Moore on Esther. I started the workbook last night and I love it. I will listen to the tapes on my way back to Atlanta Sunday afternoon. I have so enjoyed her studies. She is easy to listen to and her study books have just the right level of intensity for me. I enjoy the challenge and have learned so much from her teachings.
Avery is playing on her DS and watching Meet The Robinson's on tv. I am getting ready to visit some of my blog friends and then settle down with one of my new books. Avery wanted to let you guys know that she got a Build a Bear horse this afternoon and named her, Peanut Butter.
My week of vacation certainly flew by. It will be good to get back to my regular routine and finish up year end reports at work. I pray you all have had a great relaxing holiday as well.


Yaya said...

Mmmm...that sounds yummy!

Janeen said...

What a lovely day you all had! Chocolate Egg Nog 'eh? Never heard of such a thing. Homemade tastes so much better than the carton stuff so I can imagine that it must have been good with chocolate in it though. ha ha

Sparky ♥ ∞ and Wiregrass Steve said...

Sounds like yummy lovely fun! Never heard of chocolate egg nog though. Maybe you could post the recipe? I *love* egg nog. YUM!
Happy New Year!
Sparky ♥ ∞

Simply Dandy said...

It sounds like your Christmas was delightful!! I love the book of Esther. It is absolutely one of my favorites. Talk to you soon!!


Debby said...

Sounds like your Christmas was perfect too!

steviewren said...

That's funny, my Avery got a DS for Christmas also. It sounds like you had a wonderful week off work ...spending it with family and friends.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Sounds like you had a great CHristmas! We had a good day -

Maree said...

Hi Trish! The last of the youngin's just left and I'm catching up. I'm going to post some Christmas pictures tomorrow as soon as I can upload them.

Sounds like you had a perfect Christmas...Avery is such a doll!!

I'm looking forward to getting back on tract...I don't think I did too bad, my clothes still fit!!

Happy New Year!!!

Technonana said...

So glad you had a great time off with your family!!
I will be started the Ester bible study in Jan. Can't wait to see what we find there!!
Praying you have a blessed New Year!!

Sandy said...

Glad you had a good Christmas and loved reading the menu. We had a mexican christmas dinner,cooked at home..

Good for Avery, getting a Build a Bear. Love the name.

julie king said...

the menu sounds delicious! enjoy your new bible study and happy new year!

Judy said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year!

Betsy said...

That sounds really yummy..never had the chocolate in it before! I think those build-a-bears are so cute...Haven't seen a horse cute is that name?

God's Girl said...

mmmm.... I love egg nog. Sounds like you have had a nice and restful week. I pray that as you get back to the routine, that things fall in place for you and that the Lord blesses all that you do.

Happy New Year!

MuseSwings said...

An award awaits you, my dear bloggyfriend!