Monday, December 1, 2008

Meeting Dear Friends from Blogland

Indian Lake Mama and Papa
Today was a very special day for me. I got to meet some wonderful folks for lunch. I got to spend time with the authors of Choices R Mine. They were passing through with her mother and I was so happy they got to stop for some lunch. Hop over and visit them at their site. They have a deep love for the Lord and it is very evident that they share His love where ever they go. I knew I would like them right away from the motto on the site, "Choices in life are always simple, but not always easy." They have been through the fire yet have the sweetest smiles that make you just want to hug them. Papa cuts up a lot and he always talks about Mama being his very best friend. To me it is so refreshing to see a couple that truly loves and respects each other. God is real in their lives and I am so thankful I got to finally meet them in person. The three of them were so sweet and I wish we could have spent more time together.
Pray for them in their travels. I appreciate my blog friends and it was sure was fun to meet some in person. I pray you all have a wonderful week. It's cold in Georgia. In fact, we got some snow flurries today. It's fun for us because we don't get to see much snow.
Oh yow, I am so graceful. I slipped on some water Saturday night and now I have a blue foot. Yes, not blue tooth, but blue foot. I will have x-rays Thursday with my regular appointment so I will have to wait until then. My husband said he is going to invent an adult walker for me like babies have with the equipment all around you and wheels to scoot around. I guess I have had a few spills, but there really was water on the floor. Last time my pajamas were too long. Things just happen. Anyway, since I always like to share with my friends I had to let you know I have a blue swollen foot. Don't be jealous! later, Trish


Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Blue Foot sounds like a good Indian name. :o) So sorry to hear about your injury. Be careful with all this wet weather. Here in SE Georgia its *COLD* but no snow. I wish it would! I'd love it. :o)

Your friends have our prayers and thoughts. Have a great evening "neighbor". ♥ ∞

Pat said...

I hope your foot is OK Trish! Ouch. I had to get two cortisone shots in my foot a few weeks ago as I had an inflamed nerve from stubbing my toe. Thansk goodness the shots helped.

It's nice to meet blog friends isn't it? I've been lucky enough to meet three so far :-)
Keeping your friends in my prayers for a safe travels.

It was nice today in NY -- sunny amd mild. The weather can be crazy sometimes! I know it will get cold here soon.

Hugs, Pat

Strider said...

I hope your foot is southern people just aren't use to the ice and snow!!!! Of course, that can happen to us here too!

Maree said...

Ouch! Sorry about the foot!

What a sweet were so fortunate to spend some time with them!

Awesome news!! Congrats all the way around! Choices! Lord just help us make all the right choices!
Day by day, inch by inch and you will get there!!


The Muse said...

Here is a lovely Christmas prose...
"The Unexpected Gift"
I hope it helps you treasure your family this season...
(it is my latest work)

Thank you and many blessings...I really am happy to have found your blog :)

Linda said...

I am so sorry about your injury, I hope you heal fast. Prayers for your friends, that is awesome you got to meet. smiles and blessings

Brenna said...

Thanks for your comments, Trish! Your blog is so sweet and comforting... Hugs xoxoxo

God's Girl said...

Wow. That is really special to meet some friends from the blog world.

Isn't it amazing that people we've never met can feel so close to us because of the bond of Jesus?

Heaven will be an awesome place of catching up with all the saints. : )

Thank you for your kind and loving words of encouragement. You are so sweet!

Ruthie said...

So fun to meet fellow bloggers in person!
Hope your foot gets better - take it easy.

Have a good day.

Maree said...

You've been tagged!

steviewren said...

Maybe you should try some blue polish on your toes to finish off the look. Ouch, take care of that foot!

Judy said...

What fun to meet blogging friends! I have had the occasion to meet a few far from home...and a few more who live nearby. I am looking forward to a Christmas party for a group of bloggers in two weeks, where I will meet a few other gals that I know only through blogging.

I am so sorry to hear about your foot. Hope you are on the mend!

I didn't know there was such a thing as pajamas that are too long...they are never too long on me!

Anonymous said...

How nice to meet such a sweet couple. I hope your foot heals quickly,

Indian Lake Papa said...

Nana - we have now met 17 bloggers! Are visit with RuSs & Lydia was very special as well! Papa needs a nap!

Devoted said...

O, I'm keeping my eye on that blog! Thanks for the tip! Now about the least you don't have to do a pedicure this week...I'd kinda like to see that contraption once invented...I could use that around here. LOL Take care and God bless...always in our prayers. ~T

MuseSwings said...

Sorry to hear about your blue foot! I hope all is ok with the e-ray. How nice for you to have spent time with some bloggie friends! They are all such interesting, amazing and artistic people!

Betsy said...

What a cute couple the are! How fun that you got to meet them for lunch! That was a great idea.

Your poor foot! I hope it heals quickly! Maybe a walker would be a good idea? tee-hee!

Barbara said...

Wonderful to meet b logging friends and especially such great ones. I will have a look at their site.

I know all about a 'blue' foot. Mine was black, red and purple too. Slipped from a ladder 3 years ago and my foot almost doubled in size and looked a mess. I figured it was not broken so I let nature take it's time. Tissue like that takes 6 weeks to heal completely anyhow. It was a week before an outreach initiative gardening in my neighbourhood. I was determined to do it so hobbled around on one foot most of the time. It was n ot the wisest thing to do I know.
Hope yours heals quickly.

Poetikat said...

I nearly fell down the stairs yesterday because my pajamas were too long too! Who are they making them for these days, Lurch from The Addams Family?
I hope you're okay. Blue Foot would not be much fun. Keep it elevated and let the others pamper you.


Poetikat said...

Oh, now I got all side-tracked! It must be so cool to actually meet someone from the other side of the screen. There are so many folks (yourself included ) who I would love to sit down and have a chat with in person.
One day, perhaps.