Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nana Needs some Computer Help

This is a picture of my front door here in Atlanta. Don't forget I live in the basement in the mother-in-law suite. I noticed that the grass is looking a little brown and that's a signal that winter is coming. I think the arrangement is so pretty.

I have an issue and need help. I can't get the pink template off and change my blog background. Does anyone have any suggestions? I did the 'cutest blog on the block' thing before and now I can't get it to switch up. If anyone has an easy breezy free background please leave me some suggestions. I enjoyed the pink, but now I'm tired of it. Plus, it's getting to be fall and here I am wanting to change.

We are still having our challenges with gas here in Atlanta. One of my employees couldn't come to work today because she was almost out of gas and if she kept riding around she would have ran out. Her husband is going to get her some tonight. It took me 40 minutes of sitting in line to get my gas this evening. There's hardly any stations with gas and no one seems to know when it will get better. I saw that they mentioned it on the national news. Trust me we have a huge problem with the gas supplies. Of course, it seems to take your mind off the cost for a while. When you start getting down to the big E, they could be charging double the price...you must have fuel to get to work. What's going on????


Maree said...

Wish I could help with the computer stuff, but have you noticed my blog is a little plain?!

I'm sure someone will come along with ideas! there are some awfully beautiful blogs out there!

The flowers out front are lovely!
Love the blue shade.

I guess you could call the chairs cinnamon....sounds better than dull red!;-)

Bless your hearts with the gas issue! How stressful and scary that must be...prayers out to you!

MuseSwings said...

This is a true story: when I first brought your blog up on my screen the background was black and I was impressed that you changed the background. As I'm reading along I get to the word pink and the background turned pink. Right then. Really.
I just used one of the colors on the basic "what color do you want, lady" screen and I don't know how to do any of the spectacular things I see on other blogs.

Maggie May said...

Your entrance to your home looks very grand!
I wish I could help with computer advice. I am not good at IT at all. Sorry.

a woman who is said...

I have always wondered how you got the cute graphic background. I just fool around with the basic blogger stuff for dummies.

Hope someone gives us a clue.

Sorry about the gas problem, I haven't been watching the news and didn't catch that...kind of freaky. I can’t wait till we can buy cars that we can afford that work and don’t need the stupid gas! Okay I feel better now =]

Pat said...

Hi Trish

I guess you figured it out as your background is all black now! It is easier to read than the pink.

I am always afraid to change my blog template as I've heard horror stories of people losing everything, and I like my color blue :-)

Good luck with the gas shortage there --hope it resolves soon!

drama mama said...

If you go into "customize" in your settings, click "add a gadget". Then select the HTML/Javascript gadget. From there, you can add code to change your background. You can get code from thecutestblogontheblock.com or other sites. To change it, just copy and paste new code or delete the "gadget" all together.

Hope this helps!

Lavinia said...

Sorry I can't help you on your computer question. I've no idea.

Sorry also about the gas. That is mystifying. Somethig smells fishy and it ain't salmon.

You have a beautiful front entrance!

arturo4u said...

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Sandy said...

I have been reading about your gas situation, that's awful.

You live in that house, wow, ..would love to see photos.