Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ramblings on a Chilly Night

You will notice that I changed my banner again. I like the freedom of being able to change it. The view from my hotel in Florida last summer helped me remember how nice and warm it was on that June morning.

I have a new banner picture that I took Sunday. Avery and I were at one of our favorite places, Books A Million. She got her latest favorite beverage, hot chocolate. I had a diet coke and she brought her Webkinz dog, Taffy. We love to discuss so many different things. We had gone out to eat after church and Papa had dropped us off while he trekked over to Target.

It is so cold here in Hot Lanta. I was going to run to the store after work tonight and the wind was so cold that I said to myself that I would 'make do'. Sometimes my daughter fusses at me because I find it too easy to 'make do'. I guess growing up without a lot of material things taught me to figure out a way to do things with less. I wish I had been frugal in lots more things. I would be better off financially now. I am blessed though.

It snowed back in South Carolina today and Avery was thrilled. She looks forward to snow every year and I was so happy she got to see it again. One of the girls that works for me got to go to D.C. for the inauguration. She called us right after the swearing in and she was having a blast. Crowds are not my thing and that freezing weather was definitely not my thing.

What is it with all the sleeveless dresses in the freezing cold? Maybe it's super warm in all the places they are having the inagural balls. It's probably interesting to see the celebrities, but I am happy to be right here doing my thing.


Lavinia said...

HI Nanatrish. What an adorable new pic of Avery! Her complexion is so perfectly luminous, and what a winning smile. You are so blessed by your lovely granddaughter.

I don't understand sleeveless clothing in the cold either!

Lora said...

We love to take the kiddos and hang out at BAM, too! We actually did that last night and got out of there w/out buying a thing. Now that's amazing:)

Janeen said...

Thanks for stopping by today and your sweet comments! I hope you had a deviled egg or two? ha ha Good protein for the menu, hmmm except maybe the mayo. Okay, scratch that! Not good for the lifestyle menu right now.

Oh the book store, I LOVE BOOK STORES! ~ Wish I was there with ya enjoying some coffee! Darling pic of Avery too~ ad-or-ab-le!

Sandy said...

Great banner photo! Yes I heard it was snowing back there....!

Maggie May said...

As usual, a lovely photo of your delightful granddaughter.
Book Stores.... I love them!

I hope all possibility of snow has vanished from our parts, but somehow I think it is still possible.I hate it but I know that it is a child's delight!

Yaya said...

Cute pic!!!

Webkinz are addicting.

Linda said...

(all in jest) NOPE, YOU GOT TO PUT THE OTHER BANNER BACK UP. It is to darn right cold here and the pic. was so pretty, lol.
I just love the pics. you have of Miss Avery, they make my day. Blessings dear friend.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Nanattrish!

I love your new banner --Avery is always a joy to see as she always looks so happy to be with you.

I hope your warm weather comes back soon! I'm kinda use to the cold by now and it won't get warm till June here.

I wouldn't wear a sleeveless gown but it would be because of my pudgy arms ..lol!

I tagged you for an easy tag -- please don't worry if you can't do it or already have done it, I don't mind.

Hugs, Pat

Barb said...

Hi Nanatrish,

I love your photo's of Avery. She is a beautiful little girl and you can tell she is just as beautiful inside.

We are warm here- 80! Crazy weather.

I just read your interview from yesterday. God has blessed you my friend.


Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Ohhhh, I *LOVE* bookstores! Can I shop with ya too??! :o)

Avery is looking so sweet and growing up so fast. I like the new banner too. She adorable.

I like being at home too. They can keep all their crowded parties. It's not my cup of tea. I'm a Homebody.

God bless,
Sparky ♥ ∞