Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Doesn't this look peaceful? Lately I am all about being calm and peaceful. This past weekend I was able to attend the Joyce Meyer conference here in Atlanta. I then went to church Sunday morning and was a part of a wonderful worship service and outstanding message. As many of you know I have been told to relax more, eat right and take advantage of an opportunity. For me prayer, studying the Bible and worshiping the Lord is one of the greatest ways I can turn my problems over to the Lord and not worry about things I can't control anyway.

Tomorrow at 11am I will be having an MRI on my heart and I pray they will either find that everything is okay or find what they will need to fix my condition. I know the Lord is able to do anything. I am not anxious about this of many procedures I have had in the last few weeks. At least this is not invasive.

I find the above picture so sweet and it looks like a place I could just relax in a chair and let the wind blow in my face and think about peaceful sweet things.


steviewren said...

I always fantasize about how it would be to have a place like that as a vacation cottage. I'd love to spend a whole summer in a location like that.

I'm glad that you have so much peace about the test tomorrow. I'm saying a quick prayer for you.

Love the new blog look. I feel like I'm in a library.

Maggie May said...

That is very peaceful and you will do well to just keep looking at places that produce calm and visualise being there & hearing the gentle lapping of the water.
Not easy and I often forget my good advice!
Hope all goes well tomorrow.

Nuts in May

Betsy said...

OH yes...very peaceful! Just imagine this picture during your MRI! Hope all goes well!

Debby said...

We saw Joyce Meyer in Hershey. She's a dynamo. Latch onto some of her energy, and you'll be fine in no time. Best wishes...medical stuff is no fun at all, and it does wear on one's good humor.

Barb said...

good luck on your test,I'll be thinking and praying for you....Barb

Maggie's garden said...

Thinking of you and hoping everything went well on your MRI. Peaceful is where it's at!

ChaChaneen said...

Hi Beautiful! How did your dr appt go? And I lurve the picture, I can see us all with a pot of coffee and visiting on the dock area there.